What are Onduvilla tiles made from?

The same as ONDULINE®  roof sheets, ONDUVILLA® tiles are made of Bitumen, Recycled Cellulose fibres, Thermosetting Resin and Natural Pigments.

Recycled Cellulose fibres represent nearly half of the product content.


What is cellulose?

Cellulose is the most abundant organic material on earth, constituent of the walls of plant cells, responsible for their rigidity. Cellulose is a non fossil raw material, meaning renewable resource, as it comes from plants and trees. It is easily recyclable.

Onduline sheets make durable roofs thanks to an unique industrial knowhow. Onduline invented this material and the process to manufacture it, with multiple registered patents today. With 6 plants and 8 production lines over the world, a R&D Centre in France, Onduline is today the worldwide leader in manufacturing and developing bitumen sheets. The success of Onduline sheets lay on an ideal combination of quality and well selected fibres, bitumen, and selected thermosetting resin and natural pigments. This is made possible by a well mastered monolayer process.

What are Onduvilla tiles made from?
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