Does the onduline material melt in hot weather?

Onduline's market leading bituminous roofing products are used worldwide. Our bitumen roof sheets and tiles are installed globally in hot temperatures, such as Brazil, Columbia to the far eastern countries such as Malaysia, India and China. Onduline sheets are made from recycled fibres mixed with bitumen for maximum water resistance. Whilst the bitumen softens slightly in hot weather, it does not melt. The melting point of bitumen is considerably higher than atmospheric temperatures.

Onduline products are extremely adaptable and suitable for any region. The composition, coatings, industrial processes are different and adapted to make sure the products will suit the customers requirements all over the world, for guaranteed satisfaction from the homeowners and professionals.

For guaranteed waterproofing, it is important that the roof sheets are supported correctly by battens and/or a full deck, depending upon the pitch of the roof. 

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