To sum up all the arguments that make ONDULINE® sheets watertight and waterproof?

Both the technology and the system make-up of ONDULINE® sheets, make them the right choice for roofing:


  • Bitumen is one of the best waterproofing materials.
  • Quantity of bitumen: a high and unrivaled impregnation rate for all products, with no compromise on quality.
  • Homogenous bitumen impregnation in all points of the sheet, durably protecting every single fibre inside (single layer technology). A stabilised and fully monitored production process in every ONDULINE® plant.
  • High quality coating, additional protection against water, allowing very low water absorption into the material.



  • Seal smart technology, securing waterproofing at fixing points and overlaps.
  • Simple overlapping system avoiding water penetration.
  • Adapted accessories to watertight all roof details and sensitive points, including specific fixings.


Obviously, an installation in full respect of ONDULINE® recommendations is mandatory for a durable performance of the roof.
For all these reasons, ONDULINE® is well known for its waterproofing capability, as a material and as a roofing system.


Importance of waterproofing


A UNIQUE technology optimising roof durability and customer satisfaction

All technical parameters of ONDULINE® products are optimised considering durability purpose, providing a much better quality within the bitumen sheet category. All this is designed to keep the satisfaction of our clients in mind and ensure a long-term loyalty towards ONDULINE®.


What is ONDULINE® Sealsmart technology?

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What is the role of the embossed lines?

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