UK wind uplift and snow loading

If erecting a new building in a location likely to be subjected to high wind and snow loadings always seek professional advice from the buildings supplier to investigate if any structural variations or strengthening is required to counter increased roof loadings.
On existing buildings the maintenance and structural integrity of the building should be surveyed and upgraded as required and if necessary again seek professional advice (Architects, Surveyors, Civil Engineers and your local Building Control Department.

Identifying risk factors:

The factors that should be considered in the roofs design are as follows:

  • Building size and configuration: The span of the roof, its design layout, roof slope and height; The ‘dead’ loading applied typically comprising of the weight of individual structural elements, and the ‘live’ loadings applied to the roof such as wind and snow forces acting upon it.
  • Location: in respect to predicted wind speeds m/s
  • Exposure: whether located in an urban location or out in the country
  • Altitude of site: The wind speed and snow loadings applied to a roof are likely to be significantly increased the higher the buildings elevation is above sea level.
  • Distance from sea: Higher wind speed is generally experienced in coastal areas as the force of the wind is not dissipated by the lands topography, trees, buildings etc.
  • Parapets and roof obstructions: Against which air turbulence can be created; or snow drift against increasing the point weight loadings on a roof structure appreciably.
Buildings in the UK are designed in compliance with the British Standards and Codes of Practice which take into account site location however, your buildings designer or supplier should be consulted should you require confirmation of your buildings design conformity. Building Control Departments can also provide information in this regard.

Wind uplift loadings


Snow loadings

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