Product benefits

Lightweight: cellulose/mineral bitumen
Guaranteed waterproof for 15 years
Traditional tile appearance
Use on shallow pitched roofs: minimum slope 9°
Ideal for renovations, particularly on shingles
Retail friendly compact size
Easy to install
Attractive tiles
Fast installation


Increase your efficiency with ONDUVILLA covering tile. Choose a cellulose/mineral tile system that guarantees perfect waterproofing.

With a weight of only 1.27 kg per tile and a thickness of 3 mm, these tiles give customers a lightweight, robust roof requiring minimum maintenance.

For both renovation and new-build projects, these sheets can be applied to all types of buildings:  shopping centres, leisure buildings and public buildings, as well as agricultural buildings.

Easy to transport and quick to install, ONDUVILLA is a lightweight, efficient and high-performance roof covering product. Roofs keep a natural appearance and blend perfectly into the environment.

Save time on site with this roof covering solution. Moving around the roof is easy. Each tile installed enables you to move to the next to fix it safely.

The low weight of the materials means you also use less energy, both in transport and during installation.

ONDUVILLA material is safe material and friendly to the environment. 
The ONDULINE roofing material does not contain any asbestos and is free from any hazardous substances making it completely safe.

There are no chemical substances in the product, which make ONDUVILLA an excellent Eco-friendly lightweight roofing solution. Onduline material does not contain any metal so you also have the guarantee it will never rust!

  • LENGTH:  0,40 m [-0.1 ; +0.4 cm]
  • WIDTH: 1,07 m [± 2.5 cm]
  • SURFACE: 0,43 m²
  • THICKNESS: 3,00 mm [-10 % ; +10 %]
  • CORRUGATION HEIGHT: 38 mm [± 2 mm]
  • WEIGHT: 1,3 kg [± 0.1 kg]
  • WEIGHT PER m2: 3,0 kg / m² [-10 % ; +10 %]

Full test data and certification available upon request. Please contact the office on 0121 747 0533 or email [email protected]

ONDUVILLA roofing sheets have a 15-year waterproofing warranty providing they have been installed inline with ONDULINE recommended installation guidelines and the correct ONDULINE accessories (Ridge, Verge, Fixings) have been used.

See Warranty Documents 


Institutional building
Leisure building

Installation & Documentation

Installation advice

Increase your productivity on site by reading our laying instructions for efficient installation of our product.

We recommend using the following tools to install the tiles:

  • electric or hand saw,
  • cutter,
  • screwdriver or hammer,
  • measuring tape and level spirit. 

Follow our installation instructions to ensure long-lasting protection. 

For additional ventilation, use ONDUTISS AIR permeable membrane.


Superior wind resistance roofing solution

Onduvilla Tipe Strip stylish clay tile effect

ONDUVILLA roofing tiles offers you a superior wind resistance up to 290 km/h.


Building Owner

I chose ONDULINE sheets to restore the roof of my farm. They allowed me to complete the work in just

Rural building in Czechoslovakia


We used ONDUVILLA on the roof of our building. I really liked it because it is much more aesthetical

Zihni Tuna

Sales Manager

We prefered ONDUVILLA because of its natural and aesthetical shape and its excellent uniformity. It

Tamer Sislier

Oranj Ranch Hotel / CEO

I had used shingles on all the roofs of my hotel “Oranj Ranch”, that is; on all the villas and farm


Building owner

First, I saw the product on the web, I investigated it and asked the roofer company practitioners. I