Onduline have been designing and developing lightweight roofing solutions with the knowledge and expertise of first hand roofers for over 80 years. 

This expertise has been a result of decades of trialling and testing different roofing products to find a the ideal lightweight roofing solution that we have today. 

Onduline is proud to offer a range of roofing systems to suit projects from DIY sheds and summerhouses to large scale residential developments and agricultural buildings. 

We have compiled detailed information to help you maintain your roof and choose the right system for you. Click through the options for more information. 

Condensation & Ventilation

Advice on how to keep your roof ventilated and condensation free

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Safe Roofing Practices

Advice on how to work safely when installing Onduline roofing sheets

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Snow & Wind Loads

Advice on extreme weather conditions and suitable Onduline roofing systems

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Replacing your roof

Advice on how to remove Onduline and replace your roof.

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