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Available in a stand alone pallet
Onduline Easyline Intense Red
Onduline Easyline Intense Red
Close up Onduline Easyline Intense Red with nail
Garden Shed Onduline Easyline Intense Red
Onduline Easyline Intense Black bitumen sheet compact
Garden Shed Easyline Intense Black corrugated roofing sheet
Clsoe Up Onduline Easyline Intense Black
Close up Onduline Easyline Intense Black with screw
Available on a stand alone pallet
Onduline Easyline bitumen sheet Intense Brown packshot
Close up Onduline Easyline Intense Brown with monobloc nail
Garden Shed covered with Easyline Intense Brown
bitumen sheet Intense Brown Packshot Easyline
Close up Onduline Easyline Intense brown
Onduline Easyline Intense Grey Packshot
Onduline Easyline Intense Grey Packshot
Onduline Easyline Intense Grey close up


Product Benefits

Easy to carry, easy to handle, easy to install
Smaller sized roofing sheets
Lightweight and flexible
Designed for DIY applications
Can be cut with standard cutter or roofer knife
10-year guarantee
Compact roofing sheet
Easy to install
10-Year waterproofing warranty


ONDULINE EASYLINE is designed specifically for DIY projects, such as renovations of garden sheds, leisure houses, playhouses, wood shelters, carports and many other outbuildings.

ONDULINE EASYLINE is perfect for small canopy roofs. These roofing sheets are very compact (only 1 x 0,76 m²), they can be easily transported in any car and due to their light weight and size they can be easily handled on the roof and benefit from being easy to install.

ONDULINE EASYLINE roofing sheets are also extremely versatile and are available in seven bright colours making these sheets the perfect roof for creating a contemporary finish to your garden shed, child’s playhouse or even your stylish leisure house.

ONDULINE EASYLINE is the ideal lightweight roofing system to make available to your DIY customers and it can also be made available on a branded stand alone pallet, for an eye catching and presentable display in store.

Safe material
Onduline material is completely safe made without any asbestos nor metal. No sharp edge nor risk of finger cut or head shock. It will never rust, even it coastal areas!


Installation and Documentation

Main installation advices

  • Installation on a full deck support (OSB type, plywood, wooden planks..) is recommended 
  • On discontinuous supports: maximum distance of 45 cm between purlins
  • Using Onduline fasteners is mandatory to activate the 10-year product warranty. It also optimizes product durability and its aesthetics over time:  
    • Fully monitored quality (corrosion and UV resistance .
    • Onduline nails and screws come with a pre-assembled waterproofing washer of 16 mm minimum,
  • Respect of fasteners's position (every corrugation at eave, overlaps..) and quantity (15/sheet)  
  • Overhang at eaves (near the gutter if any): maximum 7 cm.

Our installation videos and brochures will give you more details.

For additional ventilation, use ONDUTISS AIR permeable membrane.



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EASYLINE installation video


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