Product Benefits

Easy to handle
Very fast and easy to install
Very lightweight
10 year guarantee
Attractive, quick-to-install bitumen tile sheets
Lightweight and environmentally friendly
Ideal for garden sheds, garden rooms or outbuildings
10-year guarantee


ONDULINE EASYSTYLE is the ideal solution where a tile design is desired. Adapted for both new-build and renovation, ONDULINE EASYSTYLE sheets offer a contemporary profile with the aesthetically pleasing finish of classical roof tiles giving a watertight, lightweight roofing solution ideal for garden sheds, garden rooms or outbuildings.

ONDULINE EASYSTYLE bitumen sheets are easy to install thanks to the bitumen sheets advantages of being easy to cut, easy to handle and easy to transport.

Exclusive features:

  • Align fixings perfectly straight thanks to fixings position premarking
  • Align sheets easily at overlaps and secure waterproofing with smart lock embossed lines
  • Thanks to “UP” marking engraved on the top of the sheet, you won’t install sheets upside down!

Like all Onduline roof sheets, ONDULINE EASYSTYLE roofing sheet is very easy to cut with a circular saw, a handsaw or even a cutter for awkward shapes. No special tools are needed.

Weighing only 2.8 kg/m², ONDULINE EASYSTYLE sheets are also very light which gives the perfect lightweight roofing solution.

The lightweight ONDULINE EASYSTYLE sheets makes handling easier during installation, enables the roof structure to be optimised and, in many cases, avoids the need for lifting equipment to carry the products up to roof level.

With ONDULINE EASYSTYLE sheets, you will work faster and more efficiently and speed up the installation of your roof, thus making your shed, garden room or outbuilding watertight quicker.

A safe material

The ONDULINE EASYSTYLE roofing material does not contain any asbestos and is free from any hazardous substances making it completely safe.

The materials used do not emit any dangerous substances into the atmosphere during installation or throughout its life cycle. There are no sharp edges, which again make it completely safe to use and there is the added benefit that it will never rust, even in coastal areas!

  • LENGTH: 2,00 m [-0.4 ; +2 cm]
  • WIDTH: 0,82 m [± 1.5 cm]
  • SURFACE: 1,64 m²
  • THICKNESS: 2,60 mm [-10 % ; +10 %]
  • CORRUGATION HEIGHT: 38 mm [± 2 mm]
  • WEIGHT: 4,5 kg [± 0.2 kg]
  • WEIGHT PER m2: 2,7 kg / m² [-10 % ; +10 %]
  • NORM: EN 534:2006+A1:2010 Category S

Download the full TDS

Full test data and certification available upon request. Please contact the office on 0121 747 0533 or email [email protected]

ONDULINE EASYSTYLE roofing sheets have a 10-year waterproofing warranty providing they have been installed inline with ONDULINE recommended installation guidelines and the correct ONDULINE accessories (Ridge, Verge, Fixings) have been used.

See Warranty Documents 


Agricultural building
Summer house
Garden shed


Installation advice

The installation of ONDULINE EASYSTYLE panels is suitable on full deck like on OSB panels (recommended) or on discontinuous support with purlins/battens.

Please follow the Onduline installation recommendations to ensure a durable roof and a guarantee of 10 years.

For additional ventilation, use ONDUTISS AIR permeable membrane.