Rainwater collection and storage from Onduline

As Onduline does not manufacture; or supply water rainwater collection and storage systems it is imperative that you contact specialist manufacturers and suppliers of these products on the specific design, installation and maintenance requirements of your
water collection system.

However, we make the following observations in order to provide basic guidance and is based on actual customer enquiries. We hope these notes assist you in assessing your water collection system requirements when used with Onduline roofing systems.

Do Onduline recommend water collected from the roof as being safe for human or animal consumption?

Can the water be used for gardening horticultural purposes?

Can the rainwater be used for domestic water harvesting systems?

Why must I clean my roof, gutters and downpipes periodically of leaves and organic debris?

Do I need to cover my water butts and storage tanks?

What do you recommend for safe water collection from the rainwater run-off from my Onduline roof?

In summary

  • Keep your roof clean: remove leaf debris and organic matter from roof, gutters and rainwater pipes
  • Rainwater collection: follow the rainwater collections systems suppliers, or manufacturers installation, maintenance and cleaning instructions.
  • Storage tanks: keep water butts and storage ranks covered to avoid exposure to sunlight and elements 



Environment Agency: Harvesting rainwater for domestic uses

Royal Horticultural Society information on garden water storage safety

British Horse Society: Pasture management

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