Regulations for roof works?

There are 2 cases, building a new roof and renovating or repairing an existing one.

Good to know: As a roofer, you are requested to know the building regulations and you must ensure a proper installation. Keep an eye on the new requirements.


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New roof

A new roof must ensure:  

  • Weather resistance (waterproofing, resistance to wind, adequate drainage...)  
  • Load resistance for instance snow load
  • Resistance to heat loss 
  • Fire resistance depending on your project 
  • Ventilation. 

 Of course, a new roof usually means a work permit.


Existing roof

A permit may be required if

  • The repair or reroofing is more than 25% of the roof area
  • You may cause structural alterations, even cracks in the structure
  • You change the roof performance, like a lower fire resistance.