How do you fix the Onduline ridges?

Onduline has a range of ridges and verges available to match the different corrugated sheets and tiles. Follow the below steps to correctly install the ridges. 

1 -  Use a rafter to support the ridge.
2 -  The ridge should be fastened at each corrugation of the overlapped sheet.
3 -  Add an extra purlin when necessary if the distance between the last purlin and the ridge is too wide.

See full technical installation guide.

Onduline ridges for Onduline sheets

4 - Start fixing the ridge at opposite end of the roof from prevailing winds.
5 - Maintain 12 cm minimum overlap between ridge and ONDULINE sheet.
6 - Maintain 12.5 cm minimum overlapping between ridges.

Onduline ridges for Onduline sheets

7 - A ridge cap can be cut from exterior quality plywood to finish the ridge unit at the verge.

Onduline Classic installation tips

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