Onduline Classic Red Packshot
Close up Onduline Classic Red and screw
Garden shed
Children's playhouse
Onduline Classic Brown Packshot
Onduline Classic Brown and Screw Close up
Onduline Classic Sheet brown for your summer house
Onduline Classic Sheet brown for your log cabin
Onduline Classic Black Packshot
Storage building
Onduline Classic Black and screw close up
Onduline Classic Green Packshot
Onduline Classic Green and Screw Close up
Onduline Classic Green for garden shed
Onduline Classic Green for garden shed
Onduline Classic Intense Grey Packshot
Onduline Classic Intense Grey Close Up
Onduline Classic Intense Grey Shed Roof


Product benefits

Lightweight quality bitumen sheets
Guaranteed water tightness
Fast and easy to install
Eco friendly: very low carbon footprint
Maintenance free
Proven to withstand strong winds
Noise reducing material
BBA Accreditation
15-year guarantee
Lightweight material
Watertightness guaranteed 15 years
BBA Accredited


ONDULINE CLASSIC is a 'high performance' lightweight corrugated bitumen roofing system. The lightweight roofing sheets are suitable for both renovation and new construction projects, and can be used on either wooden or metal structures.

The sheets are finished with a colour pigment and resin impregnation process which “stains” the colour into the sheet to provide excellent colour retention properties and enhanced U.V. resistance.

ONDULINE CLASSIC roof solution is the perfect roof product for guaranteed watertightness as well as providing exceptional thermal and acoustic comfort.

The bitumen corrugated panels are extremely robust and able to withstand extreme weather conditions of wind and snow, as well as hot weather and heavy rains. The roof is highly resistant to the strongest winds and does not fear corrosion because the material does not contain any metal.

For you, a quick and easy roof solution to implement

The bitumen roof panels and related accessories are quick and easy to install. The panels are extremely light (only 3 kg/m²) and flexible making them easy to carry around on site and on a roof. 

Roofing installers all over the world have been choosing ONDULINE for decades and generously praise the rapid installation of the ONDULINE CLASSIC roof. A material that is simple and quicker to lay means less hassle in everyday life and frees up time to work on new sites.

To install ONDULINE CLASSIC corrugated roofing sheets is simple. No specific tools are required: a saw - mechanical or circular or even a cutter - will suffice for cutting and adjusting the singular points of the roof and a screwdriver or hammer will suffice for fasteners. In addition, working at height requires your greatest vigilance: we suggest that you check out our advice regarding safety equipment (helmet, harness, shoes, goggles ...) and to take all the measures necessary to minimise risks.

Certified roof

ONDULINE CLASSIC corrugated panels comply with the standards in force CE EN 534, SNI, BBA. In addition, Onduline devotes all its expertise to ensure consistent quality to exceed customer expectations.

A safe material

The ONDULINE roofing material does not contain any asbestos and is free from any hazardous substances making it completely safe.

The materials used do not emit any dangerous substances into atmosphere during installation or throughout its life cycle.  This is proven by tests undertaken by independent laboratories that have confirmed the material used to produce ONDULINE roofing panels and accessories does not present any health hazard.

Composition of corrugated panels

ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing panel technology is unique: it combines a particular bitumen that is reinforced with cellulosic fibres, combined with industry experience of 75 years which has provided continual improvements.

Bitumen, which is well known for its use in the composition of roads, is also one of the most well used raw materials in the roofing industry, thanks to its perfect sealing performance. Cellulosic fibres derived from wood give the Onduline roofing panels their mechanical strength.


Installation and documentation

ONDULINE CLASSIC lightweight roof sheets

Installation Tips

We have a created a step-by-step installation guide for the ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing solution. Simply follow these instructions for an efficient installation.

The ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing system is easy to install on straight or vaulted structures thanks to these straightforward instructions. 

Roofs under 10 degrees need to be fixed to a full deck. Please note this product is not suitable for roofs with a pitch of under 5 degrees.

For additional ventilation, use ONDUTISS AIR permeable membrane.

Key features and benefits of ONDULINE CLASSIC

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