Product Benefits

Easy to carry, easy to handle, easy to install
Made of 50% recycled content (ICC-ES VAR Environmental Report VAR-1016 - independant third party official report)
Sealsmart technology: Onduline® material is made of bitumen, one of the most efficient waterproofing material. Bitumen has the ability to seal fixing points thanks to heat generated during drilling operation
Flexible, designed to ease transportation
Designed for DIY applications
Ideal for small roof applications
Can be cut with standard cutter or roofer knife
A choice of colours
10-year guarantee
Compact roofing sheet
Easy to install
10-Year waterproofing warranty


ONDULINE EASYFIX COMPACT can be installed on every roof: wood shelters, children playhouse, garden shed, summer kitchen, gazebos, patios. A lightweight, flexible and easy to handle roof system that is ideal for small-to-medium sized roof applications.

You will like this smart roofing solution as it brings you many advantages: 

  • Convenient transport: its compact size means it can be transported in an average sized car boot.
  • Lightweight and handy with 2.26 kg/sheet only, and its compact format 1 x 0,82 m
  • Very easy installation: easy handling, low weight and no roofing skill required. 
  • No need to cut: adapt overlap and save time to match roof dimensions. 
    Intuitive, with a smart-locking system: no more measurement at overlaps. 2 overlapping lines avoid measurement on the roof. Just let the embossing lines guide you during the installation. You intuitively know the size of the overlap and where to put the fasteners. 
    100% compatible with the 2 m ONDULINE EASYFIX roofing sheets for larger roofs
  • For all roof pitches above 9°

A complete range of accessories is available in the same colours for a perfect match and finish of your roof: ridge, verge, screws, nails and foam fillers:


Length 100 cm [ - 0.2% ; + 1%]
Width 82 cm [ - 2% ; + 2%]
Thickness 2,60 mm [ - 10% ; +10%]
Corrugation height 38 mm [ - 6% ; + 6%]
Weight per m² 2,7 kg [ - 10% ; + 10%]
Weight per sheet 2,26 kg [- 7% ;+ 7%]
Surface 0,82 m²
Profile 6 corrugations + 5 flats


ONDULINE EASYFIX roofing sheets have a 10-year waterproofing guarantee providing they have been installed inline with ONDULINE recommended installation guidelines and the correct ONDULINE accessories (Ridge, Verge, Fixings) have been used.


Garden Sheds
Garden room
Log storage

Installation and Documentation

Main installation advices

Installation is highly recommended on full deck (OSB, plywood...). A 21 mm thick minimum support is recommended. 

In case of discontinuous support, the span between purlins centres must be 28 cm. Minimum Pitch required: 15% (9°). Plan to lay sheets in the opposite direction to the prevailing winds.

1. Lay ONDULINE EASYFIX FOAM FILLER at 3,5 cm from the edge of the OSB.

2. Start laying the 1st sheet starting from the bottom side of the roof, over the foam filler, with 4 cm overhang. The 1st row of fixing is positioned at 3,5 cm from the edge of the roof support. Fix together the sheet and the foam filler to the support.

3. In average, 10 fixings minimum should be used per sheet.

- Always fix in the top of corrugations, using Onduline fixings with a special washer for safe waterproofing.

At eave and overlaps, it is particularly important to fix every corrugation.

Fixing should be done in the right order and in between the two overlapping lines. Wait to fix the last corrugation until you overlap it with the next sheet.

4. Stagger the rows, by starting the second row with a half sheet.

5. Align overlapping lines to ensure perfect waterproofing. (Overlap = 15 cm).

6. The aesthetics and wind uplift protection can be optimised by using the verge element accessory, which is fixed first on the sidewall, then as well on the top of the corrugation. Plan 6 fixings per element.

7. Cover the ridge with the standard ridge and fix it on each side of the roof, on top of each corrugation. The direction of the overlap is opposite to the direction of the prevailing winds.

EASYFIX installation video