Product Benefits

Fast installation
Aesthetic design
Secured waterproofing thanks to Onduline exclusive Sealsmart Technology
10-Year guarantee
Easy to install
10-Year waterproofing guarantee

ONDULINE EASYFIX, new, innovative and smart to install

ONDULINE EASYFIX roofing sheets is designed as a Do It Yourself roofing solution, to cover leisure housing and garden sheds roofs.  
This is a new, aesthetically pleasing roofing solution: a modern profile. Available in bright colours to give your garden building a stylish finish. 

Easy installation   
ONDULINE EASYFIX has new overlapping lines that help to secure the waterproofing and the alignment of the sheets without any measurements. The flat sections allow you to move on the roof. The surface of the sheet is rough and therefore less slippery when moving on the roof.  

Their lightweight makes them easy to carry, transport and manipulate. 

Easy to adapt, even for re-roofing
ONDULINE EASYFIX sheets are flexible and can therefore be adapted to any kind of roof structure, even older ones. You can use ONDULINE EASYFIX for re-roofing, even over damaged roofing felt or asphalt shingles. 


  • Length: 200 cm
  • Height: 82 cm
  • Thickness: 2,6 mm
  • Corrugations / flat sections: 6/5
  • Wave height: 38 mm
  • Gross surface per sheet: 1,62 m²
  • Net surface per sheet: 1,34 m²
  • Sheets per m2: 0,746 pcs
  • Weight per sheet: 4,5 kg
  • Weight per m2: 3,36 kg
  • Carbon footprint: 4 kg eq CO2 /m²

ONDULINE EASYFIX sheets are provided with a 10-year waterproofing guarantee going along with the respect of our installation guidelines and the use of ONDULINE accessories (Ridge, Verge, Fixings). 


Garden shed
Garden shed

Installation and Documentation

Our 3 main installation advices:

  1. install ONDULINE EASYFIX on a full deck support (OSB type, plywood, wooden planks..).
    You can fix it on a discontinuous respecting a 37 cm maximum distance between purlins for an increased product durability and aesthetics over time.
  2. Use Onduline fasteners to activate the 10-year product warranty. Our high-quality fasteners are especially resistant to corrosion and UV to ensure their durability on the roof and the waterproofing performance. Onduline nails and screws benefit from a pre-assembled waterproofing washer of 16 mm minimum, made on purpose. Please respect their position on the roof (fixed at every corrugation at eave, overlaps) and the recommended quantity (15/sheet).  
  3. Apply an overhang at eave of 3,5 cm maximum.

You can get more details in our literature and installation videos.  


EASYFIX installation video

Have a question about Onduline EASYFIX? View our FAQ's for more information.