High quality bituminous corrugated sheets (2000x950mm) for an aesthetic fence or gate covering, to brighten any outdoor space.

ONDULINE® CLASSIC is the market leading bituminous corrugated roofing sheet, that has traditionally been used to cover the roofs of timber buildings, such as sheds, stables, agricultural and garden buildings. With it’s excellent durability, ONDULINE® CLASSIC is made from 50% recycled cellulosic fibres, which are derived from wood giving the panels their mechanical strength that make them well suited as an aesthetic fence covering for existing fences and gates.

ONDULINE® CLASSIC for fences and gates

Why choose ONDULINE for your fence?

Whether you want additional privacy from your neighbours, added security around your property, or protection for your plants from local wildlife, a garden fence is a must have for any UK home. 

Traditionally timber panels, fences are also available in metal, such as steel and aluminium, with composite systems becoming increasingly popular, but at a significant cost.

ONDULINE CLASSIC sheets are an aesthetic fence covering that can be installed to your existing fence structure, continuing to provide privacy, security and protection to you property and surroundings, with the added benefit of looking stylish and providing additional strength to your fence structure.

Available in a range of colours: red, black, green, brown and grey, complete with colour matching fixings. 

ONDULINE CLASSIC fence covering and accessories