Our roofing sheets are the perfect eco choice!

We all want to do our bit for the planet, from recycling at home, to creating an  eco-friendly garden, turning off the lights and reducing your water usage, every little helps, and one thing you might be wondering since you landed here is - are Onduline roofing sheets eco-friendly?

As you give more thought and consideration to the materials you use in the home and garden, one important factor you might be thinking about is whether or not you’re choosing an eco-friendly product. With plenty of ‘greenwashing’ around, it can be hard to know whether you’re being sucked into clever marketing tactics or buying a legitimately eco product.

The good news is, here at Onduline, we really put our money where our mouth is when it comes to investing in a greener future and ensuring our products create a minimal carbon footprint. We know that sustainability is key for a successful future, and that’s why we have always been committed to sustainable practices and innovative products and processes.

Ready to jump in and find out more? Here are just some of the ways we work towards a more sustainable future…

Onduline roofing

Sustainable production practices

We always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to sustainable production techniques and practices. Our current systems are designed to be low in energy consumption and also create zero dangerous waste. Our recycling processes are so hi-tech that they allow us to recycle a staggering 80.000 tons of material each year! Not bad, hey? Thanks to our super eco initiatives, we have been able to reach a positive carbon footprint of 4066g CO²/m². We don’t mean to brag, but we’re very proud of the fact that this is substantially lower* than many other roofing solutions providers!

*As independently verified by the PUR Project, a specialist environmental organisation. Find out more about the project here.

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Free from harmful and toxic substances

Asbestos has been widely used over the years for roofing systems and insulation in buildings. Due to this historically wide usage, it can still be frequently found in domestic and commercial settings, but here at Onduline we guarantee that all of our roofing products are asbestos free. Better for health and the planet, they do not contain or release any hazardous or harmful substances.

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Made from recycled materials

Did you know that approximately 50% of an Onduline roofing sheet is actually made from recycled cellulose fibres? This high percentage of recycled content means we rely less on using virgin materials, and can reduce our impact on the planet. As well as striving to use recycled materials where possible, we also use only natural environmentally-friendly pigments to colour our sheets, again, avoiding the use of any harsh and harmful chemicals.

onduline eco friendly roofing sheets

Every step of the chain

It’s not just our processes and product itself that we seek to make as eco-friendly as possible, we analyse every step of the supply chain and that includes transportation and delivery. Our roofing sheets are super lightweight which creates less waste on site but also makes them efficient to transport, in fact, our wooden delivery pallets are 100% recyclable and our LDPE plastic packaging is also widely recycled!

onduline eco roofing

So, are Onduline roofing sheets eco-friendly?

We hope that the above information will offer you comfort in the knowledge that our roofing sheets are an eco-friendly product choice for your home, garden, or perhaps even commercial project. It’s what makes our roofing suitable for so many different applications, from stables to garden rooms. Free from any harmful chemicals and better for us, you, the planet, and the ponies. Looking to get inspired?

Have a look at these fabulous Onduline projects using our eco-friendly roofing sheets….

Tree Village Italy

Our  ONDUVILLA  roofing was the system of choice for these treehouses nestled in the Dolomite Natural Park. It was important for the owners that the materials used complemented the natural environment of the forest, and thanks to our eco-credentials and attractive product range, we were the perfect match! Read more about this project…

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Allotment shed revamp

Allotment queen, Dani, of the popular Instagram account Plot.81 is all about upcycling and keeping it green wherever possible. Her incredible harvests showcasing an abundance of homegrown organic fruit and vegetables are simply inspiring! It was when Dani was looking to replace her allotment shed roof with an eco-friendly alternative that she came across Onduline, and we were keen to collaborate! Dani chose our ONDUVILLA roofing to complement her Victorian outbuilding and give it a new lease of life. With a 15-year guarantee and ease of installation, it was a match made in heaven and Dani “absolutely adores” her new roof. Read more about this project…

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Stable block refurbishment

After significant wear and tear, the time had come for a roof refurbishment on these stables blocks in Nantwich. In fact, our roofing sheets are incredibly popular in the equestrian sector due to the fact that they are lightweight, long-lasting, noise dampening and free from any hazardous materials making them safe for both humans and animals! Read more about this project…

stables using onduline roofing sheets

Ready to start your Onduline project?

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