If replacing your shed roof is this only option, read our guide on what shed roofing material is best and how to install it!

Have you noticed your shed roof needs a bit of a makeover? Repair or replace, that’s the question! Sometimes replacing is the only option though so we’re here to help with an easy, DIY-friendly how to.

Repair or replace

A sagging or leaking shed roof is the most common reason why someone will look to either repair or replace it but your first step is to identify if the issue can be repaired, or whether replacing your whole shed roof is the only option.

We have another blog detailing how best to repair sagging or leaking (or both) shed roofs so be sure to check this out first before reading on!

What roofing material is best?

Three different sheds with different roofing including Onduline's CLASSIC sheets, BARDOLINE shingles & ONDUVILLA tile strips

How to install new shed roofing

Once you have decided to replace your shed roof and what material you are going to use, you’re going to want to know how to replace it, right?!

With most other materials you are most likely going to have to remove the existing material on your shed roof. If you are replacing felt with felt, for example, you will need to strip the old felt off your shed roof first.

An added benefit of our roofing sheets...they can be installed on top of existing felt!

How to install ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing sheets?

For that extra waterproof touch…

Image of Onduline's roof membrane, ONDUTISS, underneath wooden battens

Ready to start your shed re-roofing project? Our roofing sheets can be purchased via our eShop. Select ranges are also available via The Range, Amazon, and Wickes.


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