Our roofing sheets are the perfect solution for stables!

Are you looking for the best roofing solution for your stable block? With various different options on the market, it can feel tricky to make the correct decision. After all, this isn’t a job you want to do too many times! You’ll therefore be looking to find a roofing system that can offer longevity as well as a comfortable environment for your horses. That’s where you might be interested to learn more about our lightweight roofing systems…

What is the best roofing for stables?

Onduline has been a firm favourite among the equestrian community and stable manufacturers for many years! Ticking all of the boxes and offering a long-term solution that’s durable but also attractive. We have various different styles within our range that are suitable for stable blocks, so let’s take a closer look at them…

ONDUVILLA for stables

Our ONDUVILLA roofing tiles are commonly found on stable blocks across the UK as they’re a popular choice due to their premium appearance. You can essentially enjoy the look of real tiles but with a much easier installation and, not to mention, a lower cost than that of regular tiles. Our ONDUVILLA tile strip is super lightweight making it easy to transport and handle during fitting. As with all of our roofing products, there are no hazardous chemicals used in any stage of production, in fact, our roofing materials are very eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint. Another bonus? You can also enjoy a choice of colours with our ONDUVILLA tile strips available in red, green, brown and black.

Here are some great examples of our ONDUVILLA roofing being used on stable blocks across the UK…

onduline roofing for stables

Onduline stable roofing

onduvilla roofing for stables

Onduline CLASSIC for stables

Another popular choice for stable roofing is our ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing sheets. Again, you’ll commonly find these used on stable blocks across the UK thanks to all of the fantastic benefits that they offer! This noise-reducing roofing sheet is four times quieter than metal, offering a much more peaceful environment for your horses and any other animals you may have. Not only this, you can enjoy a lightweight material that’s super easy to transport and install, just like with our ONDUVILLA roofing tiles.

Whilst lightweight in design, our ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing is tough! Offering durability and total weather tightness. So much so, we offer a 15-year guarantee on this product, giving you peace of mind that your stables will remain dry and cosy for years to come.

Here are some examples of stable blocks featuring our CLASSIC roofing sheets…

roofing for stables

onduline classic for stables

onduline for stable roofing

BARDOLINE for stables

We also have our BARDOLINE roof shingles which may be of interest to you when considering the best stable roofing. This roofing system is AA-fire rated and therefore suitable for all applications. It also offers guaranteed water tightness and, just with our other products, an easy installation as these roof shingles are simple to cut, and super user-friendly - not to mention, their aesthetically pleasing finish. Our roof shingles look super smart, and are available in red, brown, green, and black. Perhaps you’ll opt for green to blend in with the surrounding nature? Or black for a chic finish? Either way, you can enjoy roofing that looks great and performs just as you’d hoped.

How great do these stable blocks look with our BARDOLINE shingles? The perfect finish…

BARDOLINE for stables


Get Inspired: Charles Firth Stables

This before and after is a great representation of how our roofing sheets can totally transform your stable block. This project was undertaken at Charles Firth’s stables in Nantwich with the help of a local contractor who installed our sheets to give this block a new lease of life. It was great to hear such excellent feedback from the fitter too…“they are incredibly easy to install. They are lightweight making them easy to handle, simple to cut and quick to cover the area”. And we think the results speak for themselves:

stables using onduline roofing sheets

Read more about this project here.

Whilst all of our roofing offers something slightly different in terms of design, they each share the same core benefits. If you want roofing that offers:

  • Easy installation
  • Longevity (with a minimum 10-year guarantee!)
  • Total watertightness
  • Pleasing aesthetic
  • Noise reduction

Then Onduline is the way forward for your stables!

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Ready to start your Onduline stables project?

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