Why Onduline roofing is ideal for stables and field shelters

Every detail matters regarding the care and well-being of our equestrian companions. Stables serve as a primary home for horses and other livestock, providing shelter and protection from the elements. One crucial factor that often goes unnoticed but plays a significant role in a stable's overall stability and comfort is its roofing. This blog will explore the importance of weather-resistant roofing solutions for stables and shed light on the innovative Onduline products revolutionising stable roofing!

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The Significance of Weather-Resistant Roofing for Stables:

Horses and other animals rely on stables as their sanctuaries and as responsible caretakers, we must ensure their safety and comfort. A stable roofing system is critical in safeguarding the inhabitants from adverse weather conditions. This is where the importance of weather-resistant roofing solutions comes into play.

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The Unpredictability of Weather: A Challenge for Stables:

Stables are often exposed to various weather conditions that can change instantly. From scorching heat waves to torrential downpours and from chilling winter winds to the weight of heavy snowfall, a stable's roofing system is the first line of defence against these elements. Animals can be subjected to discomfort, stress, and health issues without proper protection. Moreover, unsuitable roofing can lead to leaks, dampness, and structural damage, affecting the animals and the investment and effort put into maintaining stability.

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Onduline: Pioneering Weather-Resistant Roofing:

In the quest for reliable and robust stable roofing solutions, Onduline stands out as a leader in innovation. Onduline's bitumen corrugated sheets offer a comprehensive solution beyond traditional roofing materials. The key features that make Onduline a standout choice for weather-resistant stable roofing include:

1. Unrivalled Waterproofing:

The core of Onduline's effectiveness lies in its bitumen-based composition. Bitumen is naturally waterproof and serves as an impervious barrier against water penetration. The corrugated design of the sheets further enhances their water-shedding capabilities, ensuring that rainwater is directed away from the stable's interior. This not only keeps the animals dry but also prevents the growth of mould and dampness that could jeopardise their health.

2. Battle-Tested Weather Resistance:

From the sun's intense rays that can heat the stable like an oven to the relentless battering of rain and hail, Onduline roofing sheets stand firm against these challenges. The stable's occupants are shielded from the elements, allowing them to find comfort and security even during a storm. ONDULINE CLASSIC Roofing is ideal for this! Offering durability and total weather tightness. Did you know that our roofing has been successfully tested against wind speeds of up to 120mph (192kph - 53.6 m/s)!

3. Lightweight and Easy Installation:

Stable owners, manufacturers, and builders can appreciate the ease of handling and installing Onduline roofing sheets. Their lightweight nature streamlines the installation process, reducing the labour and time required for setup. This is especially advantageous for stables where functionality and efficiency are paramount.

4. Thermal Insulation:

Maintaining a comfortable stable temperature for horses and other animals is vital for their well-being. Onduline roofing sheets offer a degree of thermal insulation that helps regulate the internal temperature of the stable. This feature is precious in regions with extreme climates, ensuring that the animals are neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer.

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5. Longevity and Low Maintenance:

The demanding schedule of stable owners often leaves little time for extensive roof maintenance. Onduline roofing sheets alleviate this concern with their proven durability. With a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, these sheets require minimal upkeep, freeing up time and resources for more critical tasks.

6. Noise Reducing & Free From Harmful Material:

Choosing a safe material for your roof goes without saying. The Onduline roofing material does not contain any asbestos and is free from any hazardous substances making it completely animal-friendly. The material comprises a mixture of cellulose fibres, which is recycled content impregnated with bitumen, providing enhanced waterproofing. This mixture of recycled fibres and bitumen is then compressed into Onduline’s corrugated sheets.

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The Onduline range

ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing sheets are more commonly used on stable blocks across the UK, due to the noise-reduction qualities that are proven to be 4 times better than metal, offering a much more peaceful environment for your horses and any other animals you may have. Also, you can enjoy a lightweight material that’s super easy to transport and install, just like with the ONDUVILLA roofing tiles.

The phrase "weather-resistant roofing" takes on a new level of importance when applied to stables. Providing our equestrian companions with a safe and comfortable environment is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. If you are after a more traditional look and feel, the ONDUVILLA roofing tiles are also commonly found on stable blocks across the UK as they’re a popular choice due to their premium appearance. You can essentially enjoy the look of actual tiles but with a much easier installation and not to mention a lower cost than that of regular tiles. Our ONDUVILLA tile strip is super lightweight, making it easy to transport and handle during fitting Onduline's weather-resistant roofing solutions have redefined how we approach stable roofing.

With their unparalleled waterproofing, battle-tested weather resistance, ease of installation, thermal insulation, and longevity, Onduline roofing sheets ensure that animals can ride out any storm in comfort and security. So, whether you're a stable owner, manufacturer, equestrian enthusiast, or devoted animal lover, remember that the right roofing solution can make all the difference in ensuring our beloved companions are always safe, sound, and sheltered. Browse the range today and see how we can help you take the following steps for roofing improvement.

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Case Study: Onduline in Action - A Resilient Stable Roofing Solution:

The transformational impact of Onduline roofing sheets becomes evident when examining real-world success stories. Consider the case of Charles Firth’s stables in Nantwich, a facility nestled in a region known for its unpredictable weather patterns. With horses' health and safety at the forefront, the stable's management sought a roofing solution that could withstand the elements and provide a comfortable environment.

The decision to implement Onduline roofing proved to be a game-changer. It was great to hear such excellent feedback from the fitter; “they are incredibly easy to install. They are lightweight, making them easy to handle, simple to cut and quick to cover the area”. The horses experienced improved comfort levels, and the stable's staff noticed reduced maintenance and repair efforts. The bitumen-based roofing sheets shielded the animals from the elements and contributed to the stable's overall functionality and longevity.

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