Onduline’s lightweight eco-friendly corrugated roofing systems are a popular choice with homeowners who are looking for an attractive, long-lasting solution for refurbishing their garden sheds, summer houses, children’s playhouse and housing for pets.

Interest in DIY in the nation’s gardens has risen incredibly as people are encouraged to 'get out there' and give their garden buildings a makeover.


A growing number of garden centres now promote and offer new garden sheds and garden buildings, but very few offer the materials to renovate them and this is a growing market with lots of potential and it’s a very simple product to stock.

The below selection have been carefully chosen for garden centres for their hassle free installation, attractiveness and ease of stocking.

Eco-friendly safe roofing solutions

The Onduline roofing material is asbestos free, containing no hazardous substances, making it completely safe. Plus, there is the added benefit that it will never rust, even in coastal areas!

Find out more about Onduline's eco-friendly practices or browse the full range of products here.


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