With the national lockdowns having left a legacy of increased DIY activity, merchants have a window of opportunity to maximise sales and drive growth. Well-executed Point of Sale (PoS) is key to this, whereby the placement of the most relevant and engaging propositions can help to entice impulse purchases and optimise revenue.

Here, Bethany Hall, Onduline's  sales manager, explains why good PoS is such an important tool for today’s merchants and how the leading supplier of lightweight roofing sheets is helping with its latest PoS innovation.

Bethany Hall Onduline Sales
DIY surge

While it may sound obvious, a solid marketing strategy and good promotional mix should be one of the key areas of focus. After all, even if you have the most extensive portfolio and best offers, it is of no use if nobody knows about it. 

Key to this is the considered use of Point of Sale (PoS). For today’s time poor customers who value ease and efficiency, taking the time to scroll through a product brochure or technical data sheet is often no longer an option. As such, PoS is becoming an increasingly effective way for builders’ merchants to inform customers about new product developments and their according benefits.

Purposely designed to provide an easy upsell opportunity for busy merchants, the new displays combine striking, modern design with an incredibly compact, freestanding form -enabling merchants to showcase the full range of EASYLINE’s popular roofing sheets, along with accessories and fixings, on the shop floor.

As we all know, information is key for merchant customers. With this in mind, the display  includes a QR code that, when scanned, leads to a simple-to-follow installation video. Onduline’s website also has comprehensive fixing leaflets and product sheets available to download.

To unlock the full opportunity, however, PoS should be supported with sound, informed consultancy. While the internet has its role, it is still some way short of being able to build a genuine rapport with customers. It is the sheer level of product and industry knowledge that helps merchants to stand out, and it is also what keeps customers coming back.

While it’s not without its challenges, it’s most certainly a time of great opportunity for the sector. To unlock this, however, builders’ merchants must remain progressive, continuing to review their marketing strategies and promotions to create stand out. As an easy way to make a big impact on profits, embracing new PoS is one area to take stock of.

To find out more about the EASYLINE PoS displays and how you can stock them, call Onduline on 0207 727 0533 or email: [email protected].

Onduline Easyline compact corrugated roof sheet


EASYLINE is a popular choice with the trade and retail customers. A compact and lightweight roofing system, the product is perfect for sheds, studios, pet shelters and other garden buildings and annexes and can be easily fitted into the boot of a typical family car. 

The range is available in several bright colours and compares favourably to traditional shed felt thanks to its 10-year waterproofing guarantee and ease of installation.  With each sheet made of 50% to 60% recycled fibres and containing no hazardous substances, it makes it completely safe for people and family pets.

For more information on Onduline’s lightweight, eco-friendly and durable roofing solutions please visit www.onduline.co.uk.