Onduline, the light weight roofing systems and water-proofing specialist, is delighted to announce the launch of its new vapour permeable wall membrane, ONDUTISS® FAÇADE 100.

With the introduction of the new Approved Document Part L on thermal efficiency, there is a greater emphasis on building more sustainable homes, as it calls for a 31% reduction in CO2 emissions for dwellings and 27% for all other buildings. Utilising walling membranes, such as ONDUTISS® FAÇADE 100, can make a real impact on these figures, and the product has been designed with this in mind.

As part of Onduline’s popular range of ONDUTISS® membranes, ONDUTISS® FAÇADE 100 walling membranes consists of a layer of polypropylene layered between two sheets of non-woven polypropylene, making them vapour permeable. This guarantees a breathable wall membrane that protects and insulates buildings against humidity, wind and condensation.



Ardit Strica, Technical Manager at Onduline Building Products, said: “With the drive to adopt a ‘fabric first’ approach when it comes to building sustainable homes, products such as ONDUTISS® FAÇADE 100 can make a real difference to the thermal efficiency of a property.

“We’re delighted to be able to launch this new product to the market and look forward to working with professionals within the industry as we all strive to meet the zero carbon targets that have been set out.”

Supplied in roll form in a pleasing anthracite grey, ONDUTISS® FACADE 100 is a highly breathable housewrap, it protects thermal insulation against damping, minimises heat loss and is UV resistant. Suitable for timber, concrete and steel framed constructions, it is ideal for use in both new build and renovation projects for houses, leisure buildings, timber buildings: leisure housing, stables, and other outbuildings.

ONDUTISS FACADE 100 wall wrap