Onduline, the light weight roofing systems and water-proofing specialist, is delighted to announce the launch of the installation guide for its new and unique under roof system, ISOLINE® LOW LINE - the only system in the UK to be BRE tested and BBA Accredited to as low as 10o with a 30-year guarantee.

Designed specifically for use on low pitch roofs, this lightweight bituminous underlay sheeting has been rigorously tested and is at least three times less likely to leak compared to a traditional tile system.

The installation guide explains what ISOLINE® LOW LINE is, the installations that it is suitable for, the benefits of the system and how it works. It then goes on to describe step-by-step fitting of the system with handy imagery and illustrations.

Ardit Strica, Technical Manager for Onduline Building Products, said: “We have received fantastic feedback from within the construction industry since the launch of ISOLINE® LOW LINE. As it’s the only bituminous corrugated under roofing system in the UK that can be used on a pitch as low as 10o, it is having a really positive impact on new and renovation projects alike.

“The launch of the brochure and installation guide on the Onduline website means that professionals have the opportunity to take a look at how ISOLINE® LOW LINE works, the benefits of the system, what projects it is suitable for and see step by step just how easy it is to install.”

With a corrugation height of just 24mm, ISOLINE® LOW LINE is fixed below the primary tile or slate roof covering, acting as the primary waterproofing layer of a roof. Thus, making roof tiles a secondary line of defence enabling the pitch of the roof to be much lower than the minimum as recommended by the tile manufacturer.

Not only does this help to meet the demand for maximising living space, as the low pitch means the roof void can be minimised, it also enables traditional tiles to be used in situations where they wouldn’t have been able to be utilised previously, such as extensions or large roofing projects, greatly enhancing the aesthetic quality of a property.

Easy to carry, handle and fix, the non-slippery sheets are simple to cut with vertical overlaps embossed into the sheet. This makes installation even quicker and easier as it takes away the need to measure and it also removes confusion when it comes to knowing how much to overlap.

ISOLINE LOW LINE, increased ventilation and airflow