Garden Centre Makeover

Replacing the old felted roofs with Onduline’s ONDUVILLA corrugated roofing tiles has ‘transformed’ the atmosphere at Preston Bisset Nurseries and Country Shop.

The family-run business in Buckingham initially used the ‘clay tile’ alternative, from Onduline Building Products, for a walkway that was erected to promote the sale of Christmas trees.

But, according to manager Oak Richardson, they were so pleased with the new look they decided to extend the makeover to the rest of the nursery.

And, they have had so many enquiries from people impressed by the 500 square metres of new roofing they are planning to stock ONDUVILLA for customers.

Oak said: “The clay tile look is very attractive. It looks like tiles, you can only really tell the difference when you are close up. The nursery is surrounded by countryside and it fits right in with the rural setting, as if it has always been there. It has changed the whole atmosphere of the place.

“When we were installing it, I must have been asked 20 or 30 times a day ‘where can I get this, can you sell it to me’? We are really pleased.”

As with all Onduline roofing solutions, ONDUVILLA sheets are lightweight and easy to work with. They are also on trend with the current focus on sustainable building solutions, comprising 50% to 60% of recycled fibres, with no hazardous material.

Oak added: “The original buildings were former stables but now, with the addition of the ONDUVILLA roofing, they look like converted barns.”

The walkway erected in December is now The Pottery Barn, the car park has been resurfaced and there are plans to expand the shop and add an events building to host gardening workshops.

Preston Bissett Garden Centre Roof Makeover