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Product benefits

Easy to install
Available in different colors
Suitable for most of roofs
Advanced adhesive qualities
UV resistant

ONDULAIR® ranges of quality ventilated ridge tapes for universal use are designed to combine excellent waterproofing and ventilation properties at ridge and hips, under the ridge cap main element. It also ensures good protection against insects or debris entering the roof space.

ONDULAIR® has excellent adhesive properties when compared to standard products thanks to the 2 x 30 mm wide strips of
high quality butyl on each side, for a perfect and durable adhesion on any roofing material.

This high vapor permeable ridge tape is made of two pleated aluminium strips and a high quality polypropylene fabric . Flexible profiled edges ease installation on any type of roofing material design. Resistant to mechanic damages, weather conditions and UV rays.



Installation advices

The best application temperature range is above +5°C.
Carefully cut the tiles at hips to have good support for the ONDULAIR on both sides.
ONDULAIR® has to be pressed on firmly after the application.
The overlapping between 2 rolls has to be at least 50 mm.

For specific roof details, please refer to ONDUVILLA fixing guide


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