1. Start installation at eave, in the opposite direction of the prevailing wind. Position the dark strip on top. Stagger the rows, by starting the second row with a half tile. Horizontal overlaps are one corrugation. 
Ensure proper waterproofing by aligning the overlapping guides.

Overhang at eave must be maximum 5 cm. 

Installation principal for Onduvilla tiles


2. Stagger the rows, by starting the second row with a half tile. Ensure proper waterproofing by aligning the overlapping guides.

Installation Onduvilla Step 1


3. The aesthetics and wind uplift protection can be optimized by using the verge element accessory, which is fixed first on the sidewall, then as well on the top of the corrugation.

Installatio of Verge with Onduvilla tiles

4a. Ensure watertightness at ridge by applying the ONDUVILLA FOAM FILLERS, on both sides of the ridge line.


4b. Cover the ridge with the SLIM CAP or ONDUVILLA® A90 Ridge and fix it on each side of the roof, through the ONDULINE FOAM FILLERS, on top of the corrugations. The direction of the overlap is opposite to the direction of the prevailing winds.


Installation of Slim caps on a roof covered with Onduvilla tiles


5. Finish the ridge with the CLOSURE CAP or ONDULINE® VERGE D100 element for better aesthetic and better waterproofing.


You can download the brochure below to know more about ONDUVILLA® roofing tiles installation or have a look at our installation video clicking here.