There are a number of reasons why corrugated roofing sheets are such a popular choice with roofing professionals.  Firstly, they are incredibly easy to work with.  Not only do installers like the fact that this solution is really simple to install - saving them valuable time and money, but the material is so well suited to such a wide range of projects and applications that its versatility is welcomed up and down the country.

The product is also strong and durable, but extremely lightweight when compared to other roofing materials as well.  This means it can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, whilst also being easy to handle and transport, so it doesn’t add much weight to an overall building structure once installed.

The trend for innovative and sustainable building solutions is also driving demand for corrugated roofing systems.  Onduline’s roofing sheets for example are made from 50% to 60% of recycled materials, making them the ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers.  The product also reflects the sun, meaning a building will stay cool in the summer and maintain heat in the winter, helping to save energy and reduce heating costs. 

Installation guide

Whilst corrugated roofing systems are renowned for being simple to install, mistakes can still happen, and we do get a number of calls to Onduline’s technical team where installers need some installation guidance or advice. 

Generally, the most common issues we encounter are linked to sheets that may have been fitted the wrong way round, or where the incorrect nails might have been used.  This step-by-step installation guide for Onduline’s Classic roofing solution is specifically designed to help installers with an efficient installation. 

Market leader in bitumen roofing systems

As the market leader in bitumen roofing systems, Onduline is with installers every step of the way to help make the installation process as simple and straightforward as possible.  From high performance and lightweight roofing systems in a range of colours to suit any application, to Onduline’s expert technical team on-hand to support customers, the company offers a range of market leading products, backed up with a first class service offering. 

ONDULINE CLASSIC installation for professionals. 


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