How long does the ONDULINE guarantee last?

ONDULINE® waterproofing warranties go from 10 to 20 years depending on the product reference, the application, and the market weather conditions.

Onduline waterproofing guarantee

The roof is warranted against leak, making people and their belongings safe inside.
The ONDULINE® Group Warranty is valid under the following conditions:

-    Installation is made in respect of ONDULINE® ’s installation instructions.
-    ONDULINE® roofing system is installed with ONDULINE® accessories and fasteners.

ONDULINE®’s accessories are manufactured in the same material and therefore offer the same performances (watertightness/flexibility) as the sheets. Ridges and eaves width is optimised to avoid rising water at the edge in particular.

Warranties are degressive overtime. They are provided by Onduline subsidiaries. Terms and conditions can vary locally.

The mandatory use of ONDULINE® Fasteners for waterproofing warranty validity:

ONDULINE® fasteners are equipped with a washer of 16 mm diameter minimum to ensure long-lasting waterproofing of the roof. They are also coated with the best anti-UV agents to secure their durability.


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