What to choose?

Felt roofing is a popular choice of roofing product in the UK for outdoor structures, such as sheds, summerhouses and playhouses. Shed felt tends to be the default roofing product for many shed manufacturing companies and homeowners: it is the cheapest way to cover shed roofs, but not always the best option as it can wear and tear quite easily.

After two to five years the shed felt can start to crack and tear, which will inevitably let water in. Onduline corrugated roof sheets are a great upgrade to standard shed felt and are guaranteed to keep your garden buildings dry and watertight for longer.

Whilst shed felt is ‘standard’ for most garden sheds and structures, Onduline bituminous corrugated roof sheets look fantastic when installed and are very easy to fix with Onduline’s screws or nails, they are light weight and easy to handle and are guaranteed for up to 15-years.

Onduline has a range of different roof sheets available in a variety of colours.

Onduline material

Onduline’s roof sheets are made from our very own Onduline material. The Onduline material is made up of a mixture of cellulose fibres, which is recycled content that is impregnated with bitumen, providing enhanced waterproofing. This mixture of recycled fibres and bitumen is then compressed in to Onduline’s corrugated sheets.

The range of sheets are lightweight, easy to install and eco-friendly and are available in different dimensions and thicknesses as outlined below:


ONDULINE CLASSIC: 2000mm x 950mm wide and 3mm thick


Our range of easy roof solutions have been designed and manufactured for DIYers that are looking for an easy to install, aesthetically pleasing solution to re-roof their small-to-medium sized garden buildings: garden sheds, pergolas, children’s playhouses or pet homes.

Why choose Onduline over shed felt?

Onduline’s roofing sheets are considered a premium upgrade to standard shed felt. What's more, Onduline's corrugated roof sheets can be installed straight on top of an existing shed felt roof, so there is no need to worry about taking off the existing felt. Easy, simple and fast!

The Onduline material is made from 50% recycled content, making it an eco-friendly solution for waterproofing timber buildings. The look of Onduline sheets will give any garden structure a fabulous appearance – you will be the envy of all shed owners in the neighbourhood! Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the reviews.