Roofing that will perform come rain or shine!

When it comes to choosing a new roof for your garden shed, outbuilding, or perhaps even stables, there are a few must-haves that you’re going to need. You’ll be considering everything from longevity to affordability, ease of installation, but what about weather suitability?

When you’re installing your new roofing on a mild summer's day it can be easy to forget just how cold the temperatures can get here in the UK. It’s not just the bitter snaps you need to be mindful of either, with extreme heat waves becoming increasingly common, the weather is now a key consideration when it comes to construction. As we see colder winters and hotter summers become a new normal, you’re going to want to select a roofing product that will be able to withstand this mix of weather.

That’s where Onduline comes in….

With so many roofing options on the market, some much more suited to extreme weather than others, we’re proud to say that our roofing really does perform come rain, snow, or shine…

Let’s take a closer look:

Onduline roofing

Can Onduline roofing withstand hot temperatures?

Absolutely! Our roofing is used across the globe in countries that regularly reach much higher temperatures than the UK, such as Brazil and Columbia, as well as far eastern countries including Malaysia and India! Whilst the bitumen can soften slightly in very hot temperatures, it will not melt, in fact, the melting point of bitumen is much higher than atmospheric temperatures.

onduline roofing in sun

Can Onduline roofing withstand cold temperatures?

Yes, our roofing can withstand cold temperatures, this will not affect the sheets themselves but you do need to be mindful that you have followed installation advice when it comes to bearing heavy loads such as snow. Whilst snow poses no problem to the Onduline sheet itself, it is the overall structure of your roof and support system that need to be considered in the case of frequent and persistent heavy loads to avoid sagging. Read more here about the correct installation of our Onduline roofing sheets.

onduline roofing

Can Onduline roofing withstand heavy rain?

Heavy rain is no problem for our roofing sheets! In fact, the guaranteed water tightness, durability and longevity of our sheets is what makes them so popular. Not only will our roofing sheets keep the rain at bay, they also offer much better acoustic insulation than that of metal roofing sheets. In fact, they’re four times quieter than metal! This makes them ideal for home offices, stables and animal pens.

onduvilla roofing

Can Onduline roofing withstand high winds?

Yes! Wind uplift is often a concern when it comes to roofing but you needn’t worry with a correctly fitted Onduline roof. Our roofing sheets have been thoroughly tested against high winds of up to 120 mph and have proved themselves to be capable of withstanding extreme gales and weather.

With our roofing ticking all of the boxes as an all-weather roofing solution, you might be thinking about the different options we can provide. Here’s alook at some of our most popular roofing products…

onduline eco roofing

The best all-weather roofing solutions

Onduline CLASSIC roofing sheets

Our weatherproof CLASSIC roofing sheets are a popular choice among both DIY and trade, offering a high performance and lightweight roofing system that’s suitable for a multitude of applications. It also:

  • Guarantees water tightness
  • Is fast and easy to install
  • Has BBA Accreditation
  • Comes with a 15-year guarantee

Onduline classic roofing

ONDUVILLA tile strip

Our weatherproof ONDUVILLA tile strip is simply ideal for recreating that real tiled look but with a much easier application! Particularly popular among stable manufacturers, it provides a beautiful aesthetic as well as:

  • Excellent weather-proofing with smart lock system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Choice of colours
  • A 15-year guarantee


BARDOLINE roof shingles

Our weatherproof BARDOLINE roof shingles offer a super smart finish for any shed or building! They’re also AA fire rated making them suitable for all roof types, plus they:

  • Come in four different colours
  • Are virtually maintenance-free
  • Offer durability and impact resistance
  • Come with a 10-year guarantee

bardoline tiles

Ready to start your Onduline project?

With Onduline roofing you can be safe in the knowledge that our roofing range will be able to withstand all different types of weather conditions! Why not discover our full range of roofing products here? We also have various ranges available to purchase via Wickes!

Got a question regarding our roofing products? Feel free to get in touch with the team! You can call us on 0207 727 0533 or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.