As summer approaches, our gardens become the focal point for outdoor living, offering a serene escape and a vibrant space for hosting friends and family. Preparing your garden for the summer involves a mix of ensuring your outdoor structures, including sheds and other outbuildings, are in top condition, and adding practical yet stylish elements. Here’s a guide for getting your garden summer ready.

Give your shed a glow-up

Sheds don’t have to be boring. Replace dull grey-felt roofing with colourful ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing sheets that stand the test of time. Our ONDULINE CLASSIC sheets are available in a range of stylish colours, including black, green, red, brown, and anthracite grey. Thanks to their ease of installation, our CLASSIC sheets are ideal for helping make the garden summer ready and come with a 15-year waterproofing guarantee.

Replace dull grey-felt roofing with colourful ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing sheets

If mimicking traditional clay tiles is your preferred aesthetic, our easy-to-install ONDUVILLA sheets are also a great choice. Available in a range of colours, including shaded brown, shaded green, shaded red and anthracite black, these roofing sheets allow you to add a stylish splash of colour to your garden this summer.


As well as opting for stylish roofing options like Onduline sheets, a fresh coat of paint is another way to instantly revitalise a shed’s appearance. We suggest opting for colours that complement your garden’s palette, or the colour of the roofing sheets selected. Shed colours such as light blues, greens, and earthy tones can help to create a harmonious look. To enhance this even more, why not surround your shed with plants and greenery, creating a perfect space for pottering around and escaping daily life.



Build a raised seating area

Raised seating areas are a fantastic way to add interest to your garden, and it’s relatively easy to achieve with decking. A gazebo and decking combination can provide shelter and an additional room to your property where you can relax with a morning cup of coffee.

Raised seating area

Consider using AA-fire-rated BARDOLINE CLASSIC roofing for these structures, which guarantees water tightness and comes in a range of colours, adding a splash of vibrancy to your garden. Our roof shingles are quick and easy to install on any type of small outbuilding roof, allowing you to give your garden structures a unique look quickly and simply.

Install a living wall

Living walls are increasingly popular, especially in urban areas with limited garden space. Use wall space to house a mix of shrubs, herbs, and flowering perennials. Ensure your living wall's positioning meets the plants' sunlight and shade needs.

Adding decorative elements

Incorporating decorative elements like garden statues, fairy lights, or a water feature can add lots of charm and personality to your garden. These touches can make your garden feel like an extension of your home, offering a welcoming space to relax and entertain whilst complementing garden outbuildings.

Incorporate decorative elements

Maintenance tips

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your garden looking its best. Water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening to minimise evaporation. Keep an eye out for pests and treat them promptly to prevent damage.

Furthermore, ensure your garden shed and other structures are well-maintained by regularly checking them. As well as trimming overhanging branches, be sure to keep your outbuilding roof clean and free from mould and mildew, which can lead to degradation of your roof. Simply use a mild detergent on the roof surface and gently rinse it off with a hose to help keep your roof watertight and looking great for years to come.

Our full range of lightweight and easy-to-install roofing solutions can be purchased via B&Q and Wickes, and our full list of stockists can be found here.