It almost goes without saying, animal welfare is a major issue for farmers and hugely important is providing appropriate shelter. Yet the peaceful environment can be utterly shattered each time it rains if the right roofing solution isn’t in place.

Lightweight roofing specialist Onduline has this covered, with its bituminous corrugated sheets being up to four times quieter than a metal alternative when the weather turns nasty.

In fact, comparative testing commissioned by the company has shown its corrugated sheeting is around 23 decibels quieter.

Potential customers can put this to the test on an acoustic rain simulator, which has been developed to give people the opportunity to hear the evidence for themselves.

“While the rain simulator cannot match the stringent controls required for laboratory testing, it does offer a realistic practical demonstration of the products’ sound dampening qualities,” explained Ardit Strica, Onduline’s Technical Manager.

Happy horses

The stables were crafted by a local joiner and builder using Siberian Larch, topped with Onduline’s CLASSIC brown sheeting, providing a perfect colour match with the timber cladding and the golden sand arena.

Fran said: “Aesthetics were an important part of this project but I also wanted something that wasn’t noisy. So many stables and outbuildings have metal roofing and it’s very frightening for the animals when it rains and all you can hear is that thunderous pounding noise.

“You ask anyone what they put on their stables and the answer is Onduline. The end result is a truly beautiful stable – the horses are happy here, so I couldn’t ask for more!”

Lucky hens

Year on year the sanctuary has grown and as such, the need for additional space became a must. The 900 sq ft project, encompasses four new stable blocks and a feed store area.

Alison said: “We are in a green belt area so needed something that would fit in with the local surroundings, and the Onduline CLASSIC sheets fitted the bill perfectly.

“They are lightweight and easy to fit, which is important when you are doing the work yourself, and I liked the look and feel of it.

“One of its major plus points is that it is so much quieter than metal sheeting, you can hardly hear a thing when it’s raining, which is so important for the animals.”

The new shelter was all built by volunteers, with Alison’s husband and son handcrafting the joists and rafters.

Agricultural option

Easy to transport, handle and install, the 200cm x 82cm panels weigh 3.66kg/m² and can be adapted to many different types of structure, whether that is for renovation projects or new buildings. Installation is fast and intuitive. It is also easy to cut, shape and fix with just standard tooling.

DURO SX 35 carries the aesthetical look of a metal sheet and is available in a range of stylish colours that will not fade.

Alongside their many other advantages, Onduline roofing sheets are popular for their thermal insulation qualities and also sit harmoniously in a rural landscape.

Greener solution

Onduline has been manufacturing bituminous corrugated roofing systems for nearly 80 years, and is the global market leader. The roofing sheets are perfect for meeting today’s requirement for ‘greener’ construction solutions.

They are made from 50% of recycled fibres. Asbestos free, contain no hazardous materials and are completely safe for both animals and humans.

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