Onduline, a leading lightweight roofing systems and waterproofing specialist, has launched an improved installation guide for its innovative sub-roof system ISOLINE® LOW LINE - the only sub-roof system in the UK to be BRE tested and BBA Accredited to as low as 10o with a 30-year guarantee

Specifically designed for use on low pitch roofs, this lightweight bituminous underlay sheeting is fitted under roof tiles, thus being shielded from elements such as wind and rain, making it an exceptional long-lasting waterproofing solution.

In addition to the comprehensive overview of how the ISOLINE® LOW LINE systems works and the applications it suits, the updated guide now provides details on how to create a watertight pipe or vent penetration, how to integrate photovoltaic (PV) fixings and solar panels into the roof structure, as well as advice on fixings and the different types of battens the system is compatible with.

With the increase in popularity of PV panels, particularly on residential roofs, Onduline has developed a solution to seamlessly integrate PV panels in to the ISOLINE® LOW LINE system. This innovation now enables the sub-roof system to meet the increase in demands for green energy.    

Ardit Strica, Technical Manager at Onduline, said: “As the only bituminous corrugated sub-roof system in the UK that can be used on a pitch as low as 10o, ISOLINE® LOW LINE is a truly unique solution and we are thrilled to see the positive impact the system is having on the construction industry.

“The launch of the improved installation guide allows professionals to explore the benefits of the sub-roof system, understand its versatility, and see how just how easy it is to install.”