With a strong housing sector and the economy continuing to bounce back, prospects for roofing contractors in 2022 are already looking good.

The sustained popularity of working from home means people will again be looking to invest in where they live.

Whether it’s for a home office or other use, the addition of an extension with a low pitch roof provides the perfect solution for those seeking maximum benefit from their living space.

Of course, with a low pitch roof, ensuring it is weather tight is essential.  The ISOLINE ONDUTILE underlay system, from Onduline, is a sustainable ‘roof under a roof’ that is engineered to be 100% leak free for new buildings and renovations.

Endorsed with BBA certification, ISOLINE ONDUTILE is perfect for projects requiring very low pitches. This can be as low as 12.5° for interlocking concrete tiles, 17.5° for clay pantiles, natural and fibre cement slates, and 22.5° for plain double lap tiles.

The relaxation of planning regulations is allowing home owners greater scope to renovate and extend their properties and is certain to provide opportunities for roofing contractors in 2022.

Greater aesthetic appeal

One of the major benefits of a low pitch roof is that it will maintain, even add to, the aesthetic appeal of the property. This is because the same style of tile that is on the main roof can be used on the extension, providing a perfect match.

It will help the roofing contractor and their client to meet a key stipulation of the new rules governing permitted development, which is that building materials for the extension must be similar to those that were used for the existing property.

The lower pitch also means that the habitable space within can be maximised, when compared to the steeper slope of a traditional pitch roof.

Light weight and eco-friendly

Advantages for roofing contractors

  • Fits easily beneath all tile shapes: for straight & easy wedging
  • Saves time and peace of mind on jobsites: quick weatherproofing
  • Durable waterproofing: suitable for low pitched roofs
  • Adapts easily to each roof structure: absorbs structure moves, ideal for renovation
  • Easy carrying, handling and fixing: thanks to its light weight
  • Robust: Bituminous corrugated roofing underlay sheeting does not break down under UV exposure
  • Safe for you: walkable, non-reflective, non-slippery and safe to cut
  • Saves manpower

Benefits for your customers

  • Highly durable waterproofing: no leak if tiles ever break. 30-year warranty!
  • Money-saving: re-use of original tiles keeps the original appearance of the roof
  • Sound insulation: provides a 27% reduction in sound penetration through the roof covering. Reduces rain noise.
  • Increases tiles’ durability: less humidity thanks to ventilation
  • Thermal insulation: significantly improves the thermal performance of the roof structure.
  • Ventilation: sheet corrugations supply 17000mm2 per linear metre ventilation above the sheet into the tile batten cavity and below into the roof space.
  • Moisture control: tile battens positioned above the corrugations allow moisture to drain to the eaves which, with enhanced ventilation, maintains excellent moisture control within the cavity.
  • Sustainability: environmentally friendly production based on recycled materials