A number of independent studies have confirmed the trend for 2021 to be a year of transformations for British homes, with more than half of Brits claiming they will be making home improvements. The relaxation of planning regulations allowing home owners greater scope to renovate and extend their properties is certain to provide opportunities for roofing contractors in 2021.

Thanks to its many advantages, topping off the additional living space with a low pitch roof is set to be a popular method for completing these new extensions.

Of course, with a low pitch roof, ensuring it is weather tight is essential.  The ISOLINE ONDUTILE underlay system, from Onduline Building Products, is a sustainable ‘roof beneath a roof’ that is engineered to be 100% leak free for new buildings and renovations.

Designed to be used beneath clay, slate or concrete tiles, the ISOLINE ONDUTILE bituminous corrugated sheeting provides durable waterproofing with a 30 year guarantee.

Another advantage for roofing contractors is the light weight of the bituminous corrugated underlay sheeting, which makes it easy to carry, handle and fix, and the non-slippery sheets are simple to cut.

The material is also in line with the growing awareness of ‘green’ issues and the need to offer sustainable solutions, something the roofing contractor can put forward to customers as another benefit.

ISOLINE ONDUTILE underlay sheets are made of a minimum 50% recycled cellulose fibres, contain no asbestos and do not release any hazardous substances. Importantly, the material has BBA certification.

Perfect versatile, weatherproof underlay system

Bituminous corrugated roofing underlay sheeting also has the advantage that it does not break down under UV exposure, another consideration for roofing contractors.

So, with 2021 looking like it could be ‘the year of the extension’, with an increase in requests for low pitch roofing, contractors can place their confidence in ISOLINE ONDUTILE as the perfect versatile, weatherproof underlay system.