According to The Federation of Master Builders, construction output is now at its highest level since September 2019 highlighting that merchants have a real window of opportunity to maximise sales.

Here, we discuss how merchants can drive growth through well-executed Point of Sale (POS) displays and how these can be used to help optimise revenue. 

As the world becomes more and more tech savvy, and tradespeople increasingly time poor, taking the time to scroll through a product brochure or technical data sheet is often no longer an option. Although it is easy to presume that customers can find out everything they need to know via the smartphones or tablets that have become so pivotal to today’s lifestyle, nothing catches the eye better than a striking, visual display and seeing is believing.

As such, when used effectively, POS is becoming an increasingly successful way for builders’ merchants to increase sales and drive growth. Showcasing products and information in a clear and concise way, these displays are highly effective promotional tools.

A well thought out, attractive design

In terms of choosing the most effective POS displays, the importance of a strong visual appeal cannot be underestimated. A well thought out, attractive design is essential in order to persuade and attract attention at a glance. This then needs to be followed up by clearly communicating all of the key product information – the materials, features, benefits and any tangible USPs. Generally, merchants have a small captive window to entice their customer, so it’s important that the POS they choose to display conveys all the headlines and makes an impact.

Knowledge is also king

However, knowledge is also king. Merchants are often the source that customers will turn to for trusted guidance, so employees must be able to recommend the most suitable solution for the job. Being able to offer this expertise enables counter staff to build relationships with customers and it may also prove to have a positive impact on sales. 

But how do you choose what products to showcase? Space is a valuable commodity and every supplier is vying for a prime position within the store. With this in mind it can be a real challenge for merchants to juggle the demands of its partners versus demand for products.

Increase sales and drive growth

Obviously, the product you’re showcasing has to be in demand, otherwise, regardless of how strong the commercial proposition is, it does not make sense to take pride of place. With this in mind, merchants shouldn’t be afraid of talking with suppliers and telling them what they need in order to increase sales and drive growth. This is where understanding the business and the customers you’re dealing with is an important factor and a partnership approach can make all the difference.

Purposely designed to provide an easy upsell opportunity for busy merchants

Working with merchants across the country, Onduline has listened to feedback about what they want and has recently launched its new EASYLINE PoS displays. Purposely designed to provide an easy upsell opportunity for busy merchants, the freestanding, striking display enables merchants to showcase the full range of EASYLINE’s popular roofing sheets, along with accessories and fixings, on the shop floor, the display also includes a QR code that, when scanned, leads to a simple-to-follow installation video, providing everything a tradesperson may need in an all-encompassing stand.

While the internet has its role, and it’s undeniable that many tradespeople rely on it for product information and purchasing, it is unable to showcase products or build a tangible rapport with customers, and it’s often that physical product and extra knowledge that can close the deal.