With the population getting bigger, demand for extra habitable space is rising. One way to meet this challenge is the installation of low pitched tiled roofing.

100% leak free for new buildings and renovations

No longer just for single-storey extensions, developments in design mean it can even be used to add a whole extra floor to a building.

Of course, with a low pitch comes the challenge of ensuring the roof is weatherproof. The ISOLINE ONDUTILE underlay system, from Onduline Building Products, is a sustainable ‘roof beneath a roof’ that is designed to be used under clay, slate or concrete tiles. It is engineered to be 100% leak free for new buildings and renovations.

Protection with secondary roofing

Greg added: “In areas such as the North East, South West and Wales, where there is a predominance of slate roofs on older style and heritage properties, the potential opportunities for this type of system are huge.”

Bituminous corrugated roofing underlay sheeting also has the benefit that it does not break down under UV exposure.

With the ISOLINE secondary roofing system installed, roofing contractors can be confident the building will have been protected even during a period of down time.