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Product benefits

Easy to install
High-quality adhesive
Versatile: bonds metal, plastics, concrete, masonry, plaster, wood and glass
Watertight and resistant
10-year guarantee
Easy to Install

ONDUBAND is a self-adhesive waterproofing tape, consisting of an elastomer bitumen compound mixed with high quality
adhesive resins, which is covered with an aluminium foil and reinforced by a PET film. The adhesive surface is protected by a
silicone-coated foil.

ONDUBAND EASY bonds and seals reliably metal, plastics, concrete, masonry, plaster, wood and glass.

The product is designed for roof details and a wide variety of exterior repairs: rain gutters, connection of roofs and walls, chimney flashings, clay or concrete tiles, metal sheets, green houses...

Customer benefits: Water tight and water resistant - Excellent sticking properties on most supports - High resistance to tear off - UV resistant.


ONDUBAND is cold applied.
The surfaces to be sealed have to be dry. Free from frost, grease and silicone as well as abrasion-proof. Porous and dusty subsoil should be pre-treated with primer (ca. 200 ml/m2) to achieve an optimum adhesion.
The best application temperature range is between 0 °C and 45 °C air or surface temperature.
ONDUBAND has to be pressed on firmly after the application. The appearance of cavities (blisters) has to be avoided. If several tapes will be applied the overlapping has to be at least 50 mm.
Walkable or rolled subsoil are not suitable for the application.


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