Onduline underlay roofing systems offer the best waterproofing performance even with pitches as low as 12.5 degrees (BBA Accredited), on all types of roof and with any covering. Due to their versatility, the ISOLINE systems are ideal for restructuring projects and are the most widely used in the reconstruction of the roofs of historical buildings with a high artistic and architectural value.

Adaptable underlay system

Due to their extreme flexibility, ISOLINE underlay roofing sheets adapt easily to any kind of concrete support, continuous or discontinuous wood and also metal structures, ensuring a stable roof without any need for glue or mortar.

A vast range of accessories practically and functionally completes every kind of tile roof.

It is no longer necessary to choose between a large number of models to be laid under tiles that differ in the pitch of their lathing or numerous models to be laid under round tiles with different profiles and sizes, there is now a single product that adapts to all kinds of standard tiles and may also be used under round tiles, thus simplifying considerably the choice and management of the work site.


Smart waterproofing for tiled roofs, long term serenity against leaks

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Smart waterproofing for tiled roofs offering very low pitch solutions.

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