The gardening world is buzzing with exciting trends that promise to transform our outdoor spaces into areas of beauty and functionality. Whether you're an avid gardener or just picking up gardening tools for the first time, this year's trends are designed to inspire and elevate your garden to new heights. From sustainable practices to innovative designs, let’s explore the gardening trends of 2024.

Sustainable gardening

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, gardening is no exception. Sustainable practices in gardening continue to grow and are set to become a cornerstone of 2024 garden design. From composting and rainwater harvesting to using organic fertilisers and incorporating recycled materials, gardeners are increasingly making conscious choices to reduce their environmental impact. Onduline's commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with this trend. Our roofing systems are made using recycled materials, which not only provide excellent protection for your garden structures but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

back garden of a house with onduline roofine


Vertical gardening

With urban living on the rise, gardeners are finding innovative ways to maximise space. Vertical gardening has emerged as a popular trend, allowing individuals to cultivate lush greenery in small or limited outdoor areas, whether that be a courtyard, terrace garden or balcony. Through vertical planters, living walls, or trellises, gardeners can transform almost any outdoor space, adding depth and visual allure. This innovative approach maximises green spaces amidst urban confines, catering to modern lifestyles while fostering a connection to nature.


Multifunctional outdoor living spaces

Gardens are no longer just for planting flowers and growing vegetables; they're becoming versatile outdoor living spaces. This trend has gained momentum in recent years and is set to continue to flourish in 2024. People are finding creative ways to utilise their outdoor spaces, transforming their gardens into extensions of their homes complete with cosy reading nooks, garden rooms, outdoor kitchens, and entertainment zones. Onduline roofing systems provide the ideal protection for these spaces, offering durability and weather resistance to ensure your outdoor oasis remains a welcoming retreat come rain or shine.

green shed with onduline roofing



Pergolas with roofs have emerged as the centrepiece of contemporary garden designs, offering both aesthetic allure and practical functionality. These structures, adorned with climbing plant cover, not only provide shade and shelter but also contribute to the visual appeal of outdoor spaces. The addition of lighting further enhances their charm, creating a peaceful environment during the evenings. Pergolas with roofs, which our ONDUCLAIR PC range is ideal for, symbolise a harmonious fusion of nature and architecture, transforming gardens into inviting retreats where you can unwind and reconnect with the outdoors.

Decking with transparent roofing



Greenhouses continue to be popular with more gardening enthusiasts embracing a transformative trend by integrating greenhouses into their outdoor spaces. This movement reflects a growing desire for sustainable and year-round gardening and is complemented by Onduline solutions. ONDUCLAIR PC helps elevate your greenhouse experience by providing optimal light diffusion and weather protection, securing a flourishing garden space.

greenhouse with onduclair roofing


As you embark on your gardening journey in 2024, incorporating these trends can breathe new life into your outdoor space. From sustainability and outdoor living, this year's trends offer a diverse range of possibilities.

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