Selecting the right roofing materials has been made even easier for Do-it-Yourself enthusiasts, thanks to a user-friendly ‘toolbox’ of self-help features on the new, inspirational Onduline Buildings Products website.

Easy to use tools for DIY-ers

The DIY-ers’ toolkit covers everything from selecting the right materials to calculating how much is needed, to what the product looks like on a simulated installation.

  • Product Selector guide – a series of filters, from ‘Garden Shed’ to ‘Storage Building’, helps the enthusiast to hone their choices. Where a range of options are available, a comparison tool then helps them make the final decision.
  • Roof Simulator – by selecting an application, such as ‘Carport’, and the product, the customer can see what the roof might look like on a series of pre-set images, including changing the colour within the product range.
  • Roof Calculator guide - having entered the dimensions of the roof to be installed the calculator says how much product is needed, along with which accessories.

“The new website was a significant investment but we feel it is worth it as it will serve our DIY customers even better, and it is part of a much broader strategy to get close to the people and markets who look to Onduline as a leading provider of quality lightweight roofing and plastics solutions.”

Onduline is a world leader in lightweight materials for roofing, including underroofing, plastics and systems for cladding and waterproofing.