Find out how to tile your shed roof the easy way...

Want to give your shed a fancy new tiled roof but not sure where to start or whether your DIY skills extend to this? Fear not, we have the solution for you.

Yes, whilst tiles do look great, the reality is slightly less glamorous. They’re costly, and a bit of a pain to fit if you’re not a professional. However, there is another alternative to a tiled roof that might just interest you, and that’s our ONDUVILLA tile strips!

Keen to find out more? Let us introduce you to this tile alternative…

Onduvilla roof tiles

FAQs about our ONDUVILLA roof tiles

What are the ONDUVILLA tiles made of?

Designed to replicate clay tiles, our ONDUVILLA roofing tiles are made of hardwearing bitumen using recycled fibres that go through the same process as our Onduline range. This means they’re lightweight, watertight, and most importantly - will stand the test of time! In fact, they have a 15-year guarantee. Woop.

What colours do ONDUVILLA tiles come in?

We think that shed roofs don’t have to be boring! Our ONDUVILLA tiles come in red, brown, green, and slate - giving you plenty of choice.

What size are the ONDUVILLA shed roof tiles?

A tile strip is: 1,060mm x 400mm. Coverage: 0.31m² per tile/ 3.23 tiles required per m². They are available in packs of 7 tiles covering 2.17m² per pack.

Are there different lengths of ONDUVILLA roof tiles?

No, they come in one standard size as above. We do have other roofing styles in our range that may be of interest to you if this sizing doesn’t meet your needs.

What is the size of an ONDUVILLA ridge?

As follows: width: 50cm x Length: 90cm they are also shaded to match the colour of the tiles for a super sleek finish.

roof tiles ONDUVILLA

Benefits of ONDUVILLA roof tiles

What are the benefits of using ONDUVILLA roof tiles over normal roof tiles?

Since you ask, here are a few…

  • They’re much lighter and therefore easier to handle
  • They have a 15-year guarantee
  • They’re totally watertight thanks to a smart lock system
  • No specialist tools are required
  • They’re free from any chemicals or hazardous substances
  • They’re environmentally friendly
  • They have great acoustic qualities - ideal for stables and animal pens

How do I tile my shed roof with ONDUVILLA?

Great question…let’s jump into the installation process!

How to tile your shed roof (the easy way!) with ONDUVILLA:

1. Start installation at eave, in the opposite direction of the prevailing wind. Position the dark strip on top then stagger the rows, by starting the second row with a half tile. Horizontal overlaps are one corrugation. Ensure proper waterproofing by aligning the overlapping guides. Overhang at eave must be maximum 5cm.

roof tile installation


2. Next, stagger the rows, by starting the second row with a half tile. Ensure proper waterproofing by aligning the overlapping guides.

tiling shed roof

3. The aesthetics and wind uplift protection can be optimised by using the verge element accessory, which is fixed first on the sidewall, then as well on the top of the corrugation.

onduvilla roof tiles installation


4. Ensure extra watertightness at ridge by applying the ONDUVILLA foam fillers, on both sides of the ridge line.

5. Now cover the ridge with the slim cap and fix it on each side of the roof, through the foam fillers, on top of the corrugations. The direction of the overlap is opposite to the direction of the prevailing winds.

onduvilla installation guide

6. Finish the ridge with the closure cap element for better aesthetic and better waterproofing.

7. Enjoy your long-lasting and stylish new tile-look roof for years to come!


You’ll be the envy of your neighbours with your fancy new roof, trust us. Expect more steps than that? We hope the ease of installation comes as a nice surprise and that you feel more confident in tiling your shed roof thanks to our user-friendly roofing solution! No more fiddly, heavy and awkward tiles, just a lightweight and durable tile solution that you’re sure to love. We also have a complete installation guide here for our ONDUVILLA tiles that you might find useful, as well as a video demonstration for those who prefer a visual!

roof tiles

Where can I buy ONDUVILLA?

Wondering where to buy our ONDUVILLA tiles? There are a few options. Our lightweight and easy-to-install roofing can be purchased via our eShop. Select ranges are also available via The Range, Amazon, and Wickes. Check out our full list of stockists.

Also, if you have any questions about our roofing, our team will be happy to help and you can contact us by calling 0207 727 0533 or emailing [email protected].

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