Before you give your shed an upgrade, take a look at some of our favourites below to get your inspired! 

If we’ve learnt anything recently, it’s the importance of outdoor space and the positive impact it has on our mental wellbeing. Pottering around the garden and spending time with nature can do wonders for your mood, allowing your mind to wander freely and disconnect from those emails for a while! It’s, therefore, no surprise that we’re all changing the way we view our garden’s. No longer are our sheds dumping grounds for broken lawnmowers, no siree, this is a garden bar now don’t you know?! From outdoor seating areas to summerhouses, workshops and yes that enviable garden bar, we’re all updating our outdoor space to give it more meaning and purpose.

And the fun part? You can get super creative with it. Unlike your interior design where you might not want to experiment with baby pink walls, you can unleash your creativity and go wild with your garden space!

Check out these 8 colourful shed ideas for some inspiration. Paintbrushes at the ready...

Pastel pink shed with grey ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing sheets
Shed with green Onduline roofing sheets
Purple garden shed turned into a bar with ONDULINE CLASSIC grey roofing
Man building small workshop shed with ONDUPLAST COLOUR roof sheets
Light blue shed with ONDUVILLA tile look roofing
Green and white shed with ONDUVILLA tile look roofing sheets
Black painted shed with black ONDULINE CLASSIC roofing and red flowers

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