Everything you need to think about before making a purchase!

Are you in the market for a new garden shed? Perhaps your existing structure has seen better days and it’s time for an upgrade! With so many choices available, with a huge difference in price tags, it can feel a little overwhelming making a big decision such as this. To help you find the best shed for your needs, we’ve collated our top tips and advice, with all of the key points you need to consider before committing to your new outdoor building… Let’s get started…

grey shed with Onduline roof

What You Need To Consider

What is the purpose of your shed?

Before you start to dash off to your local garden centre or building merchant and get swept up in a beautiful selection of sheds, identify the purpose for your new shed. What is important to you? If your shed is simply going to act as a storage unit, then your list may not be as long, but if you want to use your shed as a workshop, or perhaps even a summerhouse, you’ll want to consider how well-insulated it is, and opt for something that’s guaranteed to last.

Is it secure?

Another key factor to consider is the security of your shed, keeping your belongings protected from potential theft with a structure that’s safe and secure. Heavy-duty locks are ideal, so be sure to check what your potential new shed comes with as standard and if there are any possible upgrades that could be made here.

What aesthetic do you want?

If it’s storage you’re after then aesthetics might not be at the top of your priority list, but for many, a garden shed is a statement feature in the garden and can really bring your outdoor space to life. Do you want a chic countryside-inspired shed that looks quaint nestled among your trees and foliage? Colour also plays an important role here, green is a great choice for blending in with nature, or perhaps you want to have a bit of fun and opt for a pastel pink or blue. Top tip: if you’re going to buy an unpainted shelf and give it a makeover yourself, check that the paint you’re buying is of high quality and suitable for sheds. Otherwise it will end up flaking away within a short space of time, and you don’t want to have to keep repainting it.

shed with onduline

It's not just about looks...

How about the roof?

This is probably one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a new shed because weak roof = leaks = ruined belongings. You need a quality roof that will weather a storm and keep rain at bay. Check with your supplier what options are available to you, and don’t cut corners here. Yes, felt is probably the cheapest option but it’s like the old saying ‘buy cheap buy twice’ as you’ll undoubtedly find yourself having to repair tears and replace it before long. Many timber building companies will give you a few different options, and our Onduline roofing sheets are used by many professionals. Why? Because they’re long-lasting, eco-friendly, and come in a range of colours and designs too! Have a look at some of these projects…

This workshop from the team at Ace Sheds looks amazing with our black CLASSIC roofing sheets...

workshop with onduline roof

The team at Bulldog Sheds and Fencing usd our ONDUVILLA roofing in red for this lovely build...

shed with onduvilla

Our BARDOLINE roof tiles were the roofing of choice for this shed from BC Profiles:

shed with hardline

Discover our range of weatherproof roofing sheets for sheds here!

All about the base

Have you thought about creating a sufficient base for your shed? Having a base that’s solid and level can dramatically improve the lifespan of your structure to avoid any cracks and early deterioration. As with anything, there are various different options available at multiple price levels. Plastic is an option but not the most environmentally friendly and can sink over time. Timber is another alternative, but is best used for lighter sheds. Patio slabs can be effective but it’s vital that these are laid level! The best option is generally concrete thanks to its strength and ability to withstand a heavy weight. If you’re not keen on creating a concrete base yourself, the company you are purchasing from may be able to offer this service, if not, contact a local builder.

Don't forget to measure up!

One size doesn't fit all

Size is another big one, and it can be all too easy to spot a shed you love and rush into an on-the-spot purchase without really thinking it through. In a large open space, a shed can look a lot different to how it might in your garden! Be sure to measure up before you start your search so that you have an approx size in mind. The last thing you want is to receive a delivery of a shed that consumes half of your garden space.

Value for money

Price will naturally play a big part in the type of shed your budget can stretch to, but if you are looking for something that will last, it’s worth spending that bit extra for a quality structure. It’s also best to shop around, whilst your first port of call might be a garden centre or DIY store, also look at what local businesses are around you. They’re not always the most expensive, and definitely provide value when it comes to customer service and a more personalised approach.

Will it be used year-round?

If your shed is going to be used as a workshop or living space, then there are additional elements you need to think about. Are you able to supply electricity to the shed? Will natural light be enough come winter? Is the glass double glazed? You need to ensure that your shed will keep you comfortable come rain, sun, or even snow. These factors may also affect the positioning of your shed in your garden, ensuring you can hook it up to electricity and in a spot that catches the morning sun.

Choosing your cladding

This applies to timber sheds only, but is a good point to be aware of. There are a few different types of timber cladding that you may come across - the first, and most common is overlap cladding. This is generally the simplest and cheapest form of cladding, with the boards nailed to the shed in an overlapping manner. These are often constructed using thinner boards, so if your shed is going to be used for storage it will be suitable, but if you’re hoping to create a work space then you might want to look at another option such as tongue and groove cladding. This boasts a tight interlocking construction and has a flatter, sleeker looking aesthetic. The boards are generally thicker but it might set you back a bit of extra cash.

shed garage

Will a single door cut it?

And finally, something you may not consider until the unfortunate time comes when you simply cannot fit your shiny new workbench into your shed…is door size! Will a single door suffice? If you’re planning on turning this shed into a workshop then consider the furniture you would like to be housed inside of it, and whether a single door will allow for this. A double door might be a better option, especially for storing large items such as a ride-on lawn mower. Something to think about when browsing!

Where can I buy Onduline?

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