The garden shed can take a lot of weathering over the year. Rain, wind and even sunshine can impact the structure, leaving it leaking and looking very weathered and tired.

All too often updating it can fall to the end of a long to-do list. However, now is the perfect time to stop neglecting your garden building and give it the care it deserves.

Our top tips will help you restore it as a nice dry place to store your precious tools, or transform it into a cosy garden hideaway or even a home office.

1. Improve the waterproofing

If your shed is constantly leaking and the contents are damp then it is definitely worth updating the waterproofing sealant you have used. If water damage has become too bad and the wood has begun to rot, then these pieces should be replaced immediately as this can damage the overall structure.

2. Update the roof

It isn’t only the woodwork that might be causing damage to the contents of the shed, after a number of years the roof will need replacing. The ONDULINE CLASSIC corrugated sheet is an incredibly lightweight (about 3.4kg/m2), easy to install, roofing system which can be used to give garden sheds a new lease of life. It contains no metal, so it will never rust and is made from recycled material, so it’s very eco-friendly.

3. Insulation

To make your garden building a more appealing and warmer place to be, it is worth adding insulation to the walls. Some cost-effective solutions are bubble wrap and also fibreglass wool. However, choosing a roof with high insulation levels will also help keep the cold out. The ONDULINE CLASSIC lightweight roofing product withstands windspeeds of up to 120mph (192 kph), ensuring your shed stays warm and dry during any winter storms.


4. Add a splash of colour

There was a time when most sheds were painted brown, but these days people are experimenting with exterior wood paint and choosing from pastel shades, neutral greys or even berry hues to add a new colour scheme to the garden. Painting the eaves or window frames in a different colour will also give the shed a new look and make it the envy of your neighbours. Also, Onduline has a large range of stylish roofing systems that come in attractive colours and even a tile strip system, called ONDUVILLA to replicate a more traditional clay tile look.


5. Replace the ironmongery

Over time hinges and handles will rust and become unsightly, however they are cheap and easy to replace and can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your shed, especially if you choose some ironmongery in a contrasting colour.


Onduline has a range of lightweight roofing solutions that are eco-friendly, easy to install and can add a stylish finish to your outbuilding. Looking to renovate your garden shed, gazebo, summerhouse or outdoor office? Browse our products to find a lightweight roofing product for you.