Fixing shingles on the roof is simple. The shingles are lightweight and therefore easy to transport. They are flexible and can be cut with a cutter. BARDOLINE shingles are also used for roof ridge for an even easier and faster installation.
BARDOLINE roof shingles are available in a wide range of qualities, colours and shapes to perfectly fit your needs. 

To fit roof shingles BARDOLINE, you will need standard tools and some accessories:


- Hammer
- Cutter
- Metre
- Level



  • Large headed galvanised nails


Fitting shingles BARDOLINE
Useful information: Fixing shingles requires a full deck as a support- eg wood surface like OSB type.

1. Preparation

  • Before fixing the shingles, make sure the cleaned and free from debris to avoid any irregularity (an unattractive and potential source of infiltrations).
  • Cover the entire roof with  ONDUTISS starting from the bottom of the roof - to ensure water tightness.
  • Ensure a horizontal overlap of 10 cm and 15 cm at the ends.
  • Securely fasten with staples and large-headed nails.


2. Fastening

  • Guide wide-headed nails so heads are fastened straight and deep without damaging the shingle.
  • For steep slopes (> 60 °), add additional nails and use putty / silicone to seal.


Install on full deck. View of the 1st raw.

Use large headed galvanized nails

3. Installing

  • Fit the roof shingles starting from the bottom (= the eave) to the ridge. Start each row by the gable end.
  • 1st strip: Prepare the first strip by cutting the headlap of the shingles. Shorten the shingle of one tab so that the junctions are not aligned with the 1st row.
  • 1st course: Start with a complete shingle and continue fitting the roof shingles on the first row.
  • 2nd course and following ones: Shorten the shingle of a tab. Fix the roof shingle so that the lower end of the headlap is aligned with the top of the 1st-row shingle cut out.
  • For the 3rd course, shorten one tab.
  • For the 4th course and the following ones, always shift the shingle fitting by shortening the 1st shingle of a raw by half a tab
  • Glue the strips with mastic for a better seal.

Shorten the left or right strip when starting a new raw

4. Ridge

  • Cut shingles at the cut-outs to form individual shingle ridge pieces. 
  • FIx the ridge in the opposite direction to prevailing winds.
  • Fasten them with 2 nails on each side and seal them with putty or silicone.

Cut shingles to make the ridge

Fix each element on the ridge

Different documents on BARDOLINE roof shingles are available for you: certifications, data sheets, declaration of performance (DOP), ...

Do you have a question about how to fix roof shingles BARDOLINE? Do not hesitate to contact us.