Give your garden a makeover with a new outdoor seating area you'll be able to use come rain or shine, thanks to Onduline roofing sheets!

Do you want to take your garden to the next level? Are you longing for a comfortable outdoor space to unwind and enjoy with friends and family? The good news is, you’ve landed in the right place! There are so many benefits to spending time outdoors and connecting with nature but, obviously, you’ll want to be able to enjoy your surroundings comfortably and be protected from the elements!

Here in the UK, our weather can be temperamental, to say the least, fortunately, we have the perfect solution - a watertight pergola with a little bit of help from Onduline roofing. So let’s get started on helping you build yours this summer...

What is a pergola?

A pergola is essentially a simple outdoor structure built with posts and beams (usually made from timber) that forms a seating area, dining area or even a walkway.

What can pergolas be used for?

3D image of outdoor dining area made from Onduline roofing sheets

Do pergolas have roofs?

This is optional! However, if you’re building a pergola that you want to be able to use come rain or shine, then the practical option would be to give your structure a roof - that way you won’t end up soaking wet after an unexpected downpour! It also means you can enjoy your pergola through all seasons rather than waiting for a sunny day.

What roofing is best for a pergola?

Outdoor seating area with pergola made from timber and Onduline clear roofing sheets

Why choose ONDUCLAIR pergola roofing?

Outdoor dining area made from Onduline clear roofing sheets

How do I install a pergola roof with Onduline?

We pride ourselves on offering roofing that’s not only affordable but DIY-friendly too! We understand that not everyone has a workshop full of tools so we create roofing sheets that are easy to install with just the basics!

Here’s a step-by-step installation guide for our polycarbonate sheets:

NOTE: The installation of ONDUCLAIR sheets is always carried out from the eaves to the ridge.

1 - Determine the line of the greatest slope: this one has to be perpendicular to the purlins. Draw this line at the end of the roof, opposite to the prevailing winds.

2 - Fix the first profile support on the previously drawn line and on each purlin.

3 - 2 possibilities of fixing the profile supports:

ONDUCLAIR clear roofing sheets installation instructions

4 - Fasten all the profile supports at each purlin using the gauge or the lines which were drawn with the measuring stick. Respect the curving radius for the sheets to be installed in the curve.

5 - In order to check the right alignment, every 3 meters, draw a point on the structure (make a line) in order to rectify the possible gaps between the profile supports (some mm) which may appear despite the use of a gauge.

6 - Fasten the pre-drilled sheet on the profile supports starting with 1 fastener in the middle of the sheet before fastening all the other corrugations that have to be fixed. Check the alignment with the sheets located 2 purlins above and below.

Refer to our ONDUCLAIR installation guide for further information

How should I style my pergola?

Outdoor seating area with pergola, made from clear roofing sheets, and outdoor furniture

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