Don't neglect your garden this autumn/winter, keep it in tip-top condition with help from Onduline.

We all know the UK weather is unpredictable and so it is even more important to make sure your garden is ready for what might come this winter. It is easy to neglect our green spaces during the colder months but just because we can’t spend time outside dining in our garden in winter (unless you’re feeling a little wild) there are still some very important jobs to consider to keep it in tip-top condition for when you can.

To help you, we’ve rounded up our top tips for protecting your garden this winter. Let’s start…

1. Flower beds

It’s time to clear up those bedding areas so get digging out your dead plants, give your perennials the chop, (unless they’re all-year-round evergreens and they’ll just need a little snip snip) and lay some fertiliser or mulch, such as dry leaves, bark or old newspaper, to help nurture your soil during the cooler months to come. You’ll also want to dig up any bulbs that haven’t bloomed and store them in a breathable container, preventing rot and allowing you to replant them when the time comes.

2. Protect your tenders

White timber greenhouse with Onduline ONDUCLAIR PC roofing sheets

3. Plant evergreens

Your garden doesn’t need to be dull just because winter is coming! Add a splash of colour with more hardy plants which will bloom throughout the colder months. An evergreen perennial which is perfect for winter as it still blossoms beautiful violet flowers is the Iris unguicularis also known as the Algerian winter iris. You can find out more about this plant over on the Royal Horticultural Society’s website.

4. Cover open waters aka ponds!

In the winter months, your pond and other open water areas can easily collect leaves and other debris on top which can have adverse effects on the quality of the water and the wildlife living in the water. Place a layer of mesh or tarpaulin over the top and routinely collect the leaves and other debris that land on top and turn it into compost!

5. Don’t forget your shed

Black shed with green ONDULINE CLASSIC roof sheets

6. Think about the birdies

Birds, mostly non-migratory, can be more vulnerable in the colder months of winter as they find it harder to collect food and find shelter so make sure to keep your bird feeders well stocked and why not create a cosy little birdhouse for them too. You could even match the design of your shed by adding a little bit of Onduline roofing, especially as it will make the birdhouse super waterproof! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for hedgehogs too.

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