Transform your garden this summer with these fantastic makeover ideas. 

The summer is almost upon us, and after what has felt like months of grey skies, we can’t wait to get back into our gardens and enjoy time spent in nature. Before you know it, it will be BBQ season galore, so don’t delay your garden makeover, get your outdoor space looking tip-top and ready for guests with these fabulous garden makeover ideas…

Create your own outdoor cinema

Build a raised seating area

Give your garden an eco-update

Plan your borders and planting

Give your shed a glow-up

Create zones within your garden

If you want to create a garden that’s interesting and serves purpose, rather than just a blank canvas, then think about how you can create different zones within your garden. Rather than seeing it as one lawn and patio, break it up and make rooms within your outdoor space. Think about how you can transform your garden into another living space, this can be achieved through sheltered seating areas, the introduction of a summerhouse, comfortable furniture, tall bamboo, fencing, and mature trees.


Install a living wall

Living wall’s are becoming more and more popular, especially in urban areas where garden space might be more limited. Get creative and think vertically! Use your wall space to house a mix of shrubs and herbs, but be mindful of the positioning of your garden wall and the needs of your plants in terms of shade and sunlight. Throw a few flowering perennial plants into the mix for a beautiful dash of colour to brighten up your garden! Green wall kits and planters are readily available online, or if you’re not quite ready for a full-impact living wall, trellis with climbing plants is always a winner too.


How about an outdoor kitchen?

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