Ten months in and Paul Duffy is a Managing Director who is looking up. And that’s not just because the business he’s in charge of is one selling roofing solutions.

His plan to re-energise the long-established Onduline Building Products is shaping up well, and in his sights is building even stronger relationships with garden centres, large and small.

Onduline’s lightweight bituminous corrugated roofing system is a popular choice with homeowners who are looking for an attractive, long-lasting solution for refurbishing their garden sheds, summer houses, children’s playhouse and housing for pets.

“Interest in DIY in the nation’s gardens has risen incredibly since the lockdown was introduced,” said Paul. “Coupled with an extended period of good weather, it’s created the perfect environment for people to get out there and give their garden buildings a makeover.

“The company’s global strategy is focused around ‘Summer in the garden’, which the UK has very much led on and today DIY forms around 60% of our UK sales.

A key selling point of the Onduline roofing system is that it is made from 50% to 60% of recycled materials, said Paul. “Compared to many other roofing products we have one of the best carbon footprints in the industry,” he said.

Onduline in the UK is based in the City of London, while the products are manufactured at various sites in Europe. Founded in France in 1944, it claims 95% of global production in bitumen sheets.

As well as for sheds and other garden buildings, the eco-friendly roofing system is used worldwide for agricultural, industrial and leisure applications.

When Paul took up the Managing Director position in August last year he brought with him over 20 years’ sales experience in the construction materials sector.

While maintaining a profitable position, sales in the UK in recent years had been solid rather than where they could be.